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What can I talk about?
These forums are intended for discussion about PCOS and related items, such as symptoms of PCOS, treatment options, feelings and emotional states, family impact, fertility issues (before, during and after pregnancy), interpersonal relationships, sexuality (subject to special guidelines), anatomy and physiology, nutrition, wellness, exercise, and alternative family building. PCOSA does not with to seeverely limit conversations in our forums, however, this is not a "free speech" environment. Discussion threads that are completely off-topic or that violate our rules are not permitted, and will be deleted.

Are there certain things I can't say?
There are absolutely things that can not be expressed within these forums. Please review these items prior to posting.

May I share jokes and chain letters?
Jokes and chain letters may not be shared within the PCOSA Community Forums. Exceptions will be made for jokes directly pertaining to PCOS-related issues symptoms. No chain letter exceptions will be made, deapite and possible relevance.

What if somebody makes me angry?
It is guaranteed that you will disagree with other Community members from time to time. Most of the time, these disagreements can be handled in a rational and even beneficial way. When a disagreement happens, you must maintain respect for those you disagree with in your comments and responses to others. Name-calling or flaming other members of the Community will not be tolerated.

Can I promote or sell something here?

Can I promote another web site or group?

May I announce an event?

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