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Lusia 11-09-2010 01:32 PM

Just Me
Hi, im kristina and i am 21 years old i have known i was a pansexual/bisexual for over a year now and just recently found out i have PCOS .. not that i am trying to have children now.. i have always had problems with my period sense forever.. have had breast sense 3rd grade and have grown facial hair sense 13 .. so in janurary of this year i stoped having my priod completely and me being overweight is a problem to i thought about having pcos even before the docter at the heath clinic tol me so.. but her conception on it is way differnt she says it cant be treated now it always has to do with later but i had read on a site that it can be treated so can the weight and insulin all of it she said birth control pills wont help or anything i realy dont know what to do .. i dont want kids now no but i do later maybe if i can have them.. i have a weried conception of having kids i had people tell me that i can adopt well i dont want that i want to feel my own babie growing in me somehow that will make us get along better or something.. i also read that it has sometimes things to do with depression which i am depressed alot .. i cant really go to a doctor for the fact i have no insurence or know what to talk about and i know this has nothiing to do with me being bisexual i just feel more comfortable talking to people like me... so that is me thanks for listening

sammem 11-28-2010 12:46 AM

hey kristina,
i'm confused about a lot of this PCOS too.

From what I understand the PCOS (somehow) causes insulin resistance which makes diabetes a high risk. I also heard depression is linked but idk how much research there is about that. I'm diagnosed with prediabetes, fatty liver, and PCOS.

My doctor wants me to take this stuff called metformin for the prediabetes. Then some kind of progesterone supplement for PCOS, this is to create menstrual cycles because if we don't have menstrual cycles, this increases our chances of cancer (which means historectamy). That's how i "treat" it (which basically means prevent it from getting worse). But maybe the doctor thought "treatment" meant to fix it or cure it. For that, there's nothing. It seems like some people on here just take the metformin by itself. I'm not sure if that will help with menstrual cycles. But metformin needs to be prescribed and is $5 a bottle.

There is also research needed on this. So if you do go to the doctor you should see if they can recommend you to someone who does research on this and see if they can cover the costs. I'm not sure how that works, but it doesn't hurt to ask i guess.

Good luck and I hope things get easier.

emt_amy 01-23-2011 01:03 PM

I've had it for almost 4 years now and all I've had for treatment was birth control. I can't get the weight off either but weight loss and diet can help. Do you have a family planning/ planned parenthood in your area? They can help a little I think. At least in the area for bc. They usually have a sliding scale payment plan based on your income. Try that and see if it helps.

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