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rawrsammiblaah 09-09-2011 12:19 AM

Sex Life Troubles
So ever since I've noticed symptoms of PCOS and even being diagnosed with it. I've been having difficulties getting "in the mood". I keep on blaming it on my body image, but is it really my body image that is making me feel this way or is it something else?

My boyfriend is starting to kind of getting fed up with it because he really wants to just do something to me but I keep pushing him away. He even feels like we're a married couple that can't have sex when they want to.

Majority of the time when I actually feel "in the mood" is when I'm on my period or just off of my period.

I have no idea what to do anymore... I feel like I'm neglecting him in a way and am afraid that one day he would just have enough with it and leave or go behind my back or something.

Any help or suggestions?

P.S. Sorry if I put this in the wrong category. :[

emmilynn 09-12-2011 07:42 PM

I think you have to first ask yourself if it's truly a physical problem. I know that PCOS causes us to be extremely self conscious about weight, facial/body hair, acne etc. but it could also be partly emotional. How is your relationship outside of sex? If it is strong and sound, you shouldn't have to worry about him looking elsewhere. I know a large part of my own sexual desire has to do with emotions and whether or not the relationship is going well. If it is purely physical, you could try supplements out there to increase your libido. I take Maca which is said to help increase desire and labido as well as "enhance fertility" so it's a double bonus. There are tons of other similar herbal supplements that can help you out. Most importantly though is that you have a healthy relationship and that you feel good about yourself!

rawrsammiblaah 09-15-2011 12:52 AM

We have a very good and strong relationship outside of sex. Although lately we have been arguing a lot lately. (Don't know why but i have plans on getting to the bottom of that.) But other than that, I think it's both emotionally and physically. I am emotionally unpleased with my body image and physically it shows sometimes. Where can I get some of these possible supplements to enhance my libido?

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