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Working Through 08-26-2011 03:22 PM

Application in the Mail
Hi everyone! I just wanted to share that DH and I put our application in the mail today. We are going to work with Lutheran Family and Children Serivces of Missouri. I am so excited and scared all at the same time. DH and I even took picutes of us preparing the envelope for the mail. If this is the way we get a LO, we'll want it to know how excited we were..since I don't have a growing baby bump on my belly, I want to track this process some how.

Good luck to anyone else using the adoption option!

gatorgirl 08-26-2011 09:53 PM

YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! praying for you and DH both! cant wait to hear about this chapter of your lives! what an amazing journey! congrats!

Working Through 08-28-2011 09:43 AM

Gator: THanks!!!!!!!! I can't wait to have an LO! And so glad DH and I are doing everything we can to get one. BDing and adoption. I have to believe we're going to have a family!

karidpt 08-28-2011 10:02 AM

Congratulations Rebecca! You've jumped a big hurdle in this race! So exciting!!!! I can't wait to hear of all the good things to come for you!

Working Through 08-29-2011 02:00 PM

Kari: Thanks! I am very excited, but so scared, and who knows what else. I dont' think I'll ever give up on the dream of being "normal" and having a pregnancy, etc., but I know that my heart just wants a family, and this is certainly a way that God can bless so many people all at once.

PunkinSpice 09-01-2011 10:29 PM

Working....I adopted my, now 3 year old when he was 7weeks old. I've aso adopted a 10th old who is now 12 and a 13 yr old who is now 16!!!!! If you need anything, please don't hesitate to ask!

Good luck! I'm so happy for you!

Working Through 09-06-2011 01:48 PM

PunkinSpice: Thanks for the advice. I am just DRIVING myself crazy waiting to hear back if the agency is even go to accept us as clients. It was so nerve wracking trying to answer questions on a piece of paper, without the chance to explain and discuss. I am almost looking forward to teh homestudy part(if we get that far), becuase at least we'll be talking to someone, instead of just trying to look "good" on paper. It is has been just over a week and I havent' heard a sound. My stomach aches with fears of a "no".

Working Through 09-09-2011 07:09 PM

Can I just say what in the fluff is taking so long? I also am slightly annoyed.... though trying to tune it out to my possible over sensitivity to this whole deal. THe check was cahsed on Tuesday (9/6), and I still haven't heard a peep from the agency. Today I called the social worker that I have been talking to for a year and left her a voicemail, the receptions said she thought that she woudl be returning to the office today. Then nearing the close of business hours, I called the headquarters office and asked to speak to someone about my application, and got transferred to someone whose phone rang until I also got their voicemail, and I left one.
I know this is probably the easiest part of the process, but not knowing if I am even going to get to experience the rest of the process is absoultly driving me nutso. Next Saturday (9/17) DH and I are planning on attending a required workshop the agency puts on, but I am NOT attending if I still don't know if all systems are a-go, becuase what is the point in going, if they just deny us as clients two days later? *grumble*
Thank you very much for reading my rant.

RebeccaNC 09-09-2011 10:47 PM

Working- I am sure it is frustrating to wait, but I really doubt they would flat out deny your initial application. Hopefully you will hear back from them on Monday!

ETA: I just read you blog and the pics of you & DH mailing the app were too cute. :)

Working Through 09-10-2011 09:03 AM

Thanks Rebecca. I really hope thay don't flat out deny us. We do have some "marks" against us, but we have been talking with the social worker for a year before taking this first step. She didn't mention to worrisome about any of our negative factors, just "to be honest" on the application.
So sorry about your m/c. May God bless you during this healing time.

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