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Smile A Dream from God

I have had this dream several times and I have often thought that it was a dream from God. In my dream it sometimes varies were I am but in only happens in two places. . . First place I am in a hospital room sitting on the hospital bed, and the second place I am at home sitting on my bed. In the dreams it is very much the same, I am sitting up in the bed with my legs crossed and I am looking around the room but then I look down and see a baby in my arms sleeping. I cannot see the babys face but I am staring at the baby and all I can do is cry (but it is a happy cry and an overwelming cry). As I said I cannot see the babys face but I can feel him/her in my arms and I can smell the smell of a baby. This dream is always so vivid and I often wake up in tears and happy but to come and realize it was just a dream. I believe this dream is a dream that God has given me to show me that one day I will have a baby and he is just giving me a glimpse of what is to come.

Has anyone else had a dream like this? Or any other dream that you believe is from God? I would love to hear it, if you would like to share.

Please say a prayer for me on this TTC journey and I will to the same for everyone to. God Bless......Love and prayers
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