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Default Any Advice?


I am 22 and live in the UK, I was diagnosed with PCOS three years ago now. I have periods once every three-six months, however due to taking the pill (the only option I was offered), I now have almost regular periods. One of the problems I am really struggling with however is my hormones. I am usually okay for the first three weeks, however when I have my period my hormones are almost unbearable. I find myself extremely depressed and incredibly easily agitated. This was never as much of a problem in the past as it has been since I started taking the Yasmin pill.

Does anyone have any advice on how I can deal with this, or anything I can try doing herbally to reduce the hormones during that time? Or should I just consult my doctor? (I avoid visiting the doctor as it takes 5 weeks to get an appointment at my surgery for a long term health issue).

Thank you for your time =)
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