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Thank you for sharing your beautiful dream, Nancy. I have relied on my faith in God and the promises He's given me over the yrs. as I struggle with barrenness and PCOS. Besides Scripture, I have also found comfort in the words and visions He's given me as well. I had a vision once during prayer of my husband holding a beautiful baby, bathed in light in a sunny room (possibly nursery). Within a couple weeks, a pastor prayed for me and saw a tiny baby in my left hand and fruitful vines surrounding me. I am left-handed and artistic as well, and her vision also confirmed a tremendous time of creativity I experienced then.

It's been about 3 yrs since the vision, and I've been married for 12 with no children. It's a daily faith walk, and some days I feel so discouraged. Other times, it doesn't seem to affect me, or I have high hopes. I would encourage you to hang on to your dreams and the promises He's given. Hold tight to them. Just remember how much He loves you as well.

From another Cyster in Christ...Sandra
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