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Default hysterectomy???????

i have a question about PCOS and hysterectomy too. i have had PCOS since i was a teenager (before they really knew anything about it) my symptoms were mostly excess body hair and random periods. of course i kept those regulated with BC. when i got married, i went off the BC to get pregnant. we have been trying for 4 years now. we did some fertility drugs and such, but the drugs made me crazy and the $ was an issue. i have in the last couple of years lost some weight and my periods were regular (at least regular for me, every 40 days). in feb i didnt have one. well, i started cramping in march and thought, oh, im about to start. well, i didnt. the cramping started to be every day and i never started. this went on for a couple of months and i called my OBGYN, she gave me Provera, normally i start before i finish all the pills, but i never did.

i went in for my regular yearly in August. still cramping every day and they are progressively getting worse and feel bloated constantly. she says its just because i havent had a period, dont worry about it. she totally blew me off. afew days later a nurse called and said my pap came back abnormal, but not to worry, they would see me in Feb instead of August to make sure its ok. i was like, umm.. what about all of these other symptoms i have going on as well. they just said, its ok. its not related.

in september i finally get so freaking sick that i went to a reproductive endo and he is checking everything out. he did a pelvic ultrasound and said there was a spot on my ovary but that just goes along with PCOS (which during all of my fertility issues there was never one there). and he did a ton of bloodwork, he said that it came back with my testosterone levels more than double what they should be and that my DHEAs were normal. my blood sugar was good, its always good. hasnt been an issue. everytime i go in and he says ill see you in 2 weeks or 3 weeks, i just cry because i am so miserable and this has litteraly taken over my life. and 3 more weeks is a lifetime.

anyway this last time after looking at my bloodwork and knowing a little bit more about what is going on he is suggesting to be pretty radical and get rid of everything (im not quite sure what that meant- but im assuming he means pretty much all of my insides- lol) he said that i was an extreme case and thinks it might be best.

at this point we have given up on having kids on our own and want to do whatever it takes to get me feeling better and back to having a life.

i have cramps everyday all day long, i cant stand or walk for more than 5 minutes without needing to grab onto some thing to help me walk, im exhausted all the time, bloated beyond belief and my bellly feels like its swollen. none of my clothes fit from 2 months ago (just my belly area) im soo tired of being in pain.

is there anybody else out there that can relate and what do you think about a hysterectomy?

my mom went through a lot of the same and had one when she was about my age, she also had ovarian and uterine cancer as well as breast cancer. but she said that she felt like a new person after her hysterectomy.

please, commments or suggestions!
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