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Default I just had a hysterectomy

I wanted to reply about the hysterectomy and PCOS. I just had a partial last month. I had my left ovary removed and uterus but i still hae my right ovary and cervix. I'm feeling fantastic compared to how i did before i was in so much pain all the time have to be absent from work at leat three days each month due to my pain or almost hemmoraging when i did have a period. Huge releive for me. Although PCOS is not cured by the hysterectomy i now feel like i have the starting of a new life. I will now hae the ability to be more active which will help my weight issues. But bottom line is that PCOS neer goes away you can only take steps to improve it. I am currently working on just that. My surgery was done laprascopically so i only had four small incisions in my stomach. It's only been 4 weeks and they are all healed. In fact i even worked out on my ellipticle machine last night for about 15 mins.
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