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DRai -

Lots of us here struggle to grasp what God has planned for us. I don't have any answers. I stuggle with this question too. I am fortunately to have one child but have a deep desire to have a 2nd and have consider adoption very much.

Sometimes dreams are only dreams. Sometimes they are our most private thoughts (or fears) materialized. I don't know what to read into it, except to realize the parts that you feared and the parts that made you happy. Use that information to question your own feelings about adopting vs having your own.

All I can offer is a hug, a prayer, and the answer that only you and your DH can feel if God is stearing you a particular direction. Good Luck!
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Several large cysts that took 4 months to resolve
Been to a couple REs (none of which I really like)
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Mar 3 follies, Apr 1 follie, more EVIL cysts, surprise BFP only to m/c at 9wks 9/2010,
Follistim/Repronex cycles result in large cysts that tell me this isn't meant to be for me.

The only thing TTC has REALLY taught me, is how to cry quietly.
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