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Originally Posted by Lee View Post
what is this tweeze machine that you speak of.. because I would rather pluch my chin/neck but it is time consuming... does it grab a bunch at once? Do tell
Its a little motorized thing that you can plug in or use batteries for. It's got a little spinning head with a bunch of tweezer tops. You just use it like a shaver and drag it where you want to work.

For me, it takes me about 20-40 minutes to do my chin, neck, chest, breasts, and stomach, depending on if I do it all at once. (Neck/chin about 20 minutes.) It grabs a few at the same time, but not more than about 5? Not really sure, but it doesn't feel like it takes too long.

Honestly it doesn't hurt on my chest, breasts, or stomach. (Someone else asked me once.) It only hurts a little on my neck but hurts more on my chin. Might be because that's where my hair is thickest.

Mine's not the "Tweeze" brand (and I sadly never remember the name), but you can find them at Walmart in the beauty care area.

If you want to see pictures, go to and put in tweeze. Most of the machines look very similar to that.

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