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Originally Posted by MzWrite View Post
Brooke: Hi. If the hair isn't really really thick, then I have an idea for you.

I use a tweeze machine; it doesn't grab all the hair, but nearly all and I only need to do it about once a week. (If I'm lazy, I wait longer.) I wouldn't suggest it if the hair you get is really really thick, though, because it can be a bit painful; especially when you first start to do it.

Also, you want to make sure and do it on a day you don't need to do anything because, much like plucking, it leaves a raised red area. I try to make sure and do it when I know my dad's not going to be home for a few hours because the sight of it makes him cringe... In about an hour it's not as bad and in about 3 there's hardly anything left to see.

It's loud, it's not the least painful thing out there, and it's not permanent, but it's pretty effective and it works for me.

Just another idea to throw into the pot, hope this helps.

Good luck!
what is this tweeze machine that you speak of.. because I would rather pluch my chin/neck but it is time consuming... does it grab a bunch at once? Do tell
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