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That's AMAZING!!!! I wish I could get those amounts with only 2 pumpings. I'm already dreading the uphill battle that is my pumping supply. Seriously considering trying dom this time just to get by with less effort and be able to spend more of my time with Lela than my pump I was pumping before work, 4 times during work and then before bed and Lela was nursing 2-3 times a day on top of that. It was exhausting. I was lucky to get 20-24 oz a day. If I dropped my amount of pumping, I still only got about 3-4 oz per session. I could usually freeze about 1-2 (4 oz) bags a week if i had a decent week. And that was b/c she nursed through the weekend so I could store what I pumped on those days. My freezer stash from my maternity leave saved me.
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