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I've been able to breastfeed the twins but they have been slow to gain weight. We had a weight check today and dd is back to her birth weight of 6lbs but ds is 6lbs 6oz (his birth weight was 6lbs 13oz). Last week they told me to start supplementing, ds takes alot more bottles than dd. And every since we started the bottles he seems to be a much lazier eater. I think the bottle is just easier. I also noticed at night he seems more frantic trying to nurse, he comes on and off the breast. I think the milk just isn't coming fast enough. My lc asked about doing the sns but I didn't want to do that. Then today I told them about ds having orange poopy diapers that smell horrible. The dr thinks he may have a milk allergy so we have to take samples tonight and take back to the pedi in the morning. I really want this to work but I'm feeling so overwhelmed. If he does have a milk allergy the formula he is going to need is really expensive and I'll also have to cut out all dairy if he is allergic. I just want him to start gaining weight!
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