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Hey IVF ladies: I have a question for you. I think I am misinformed about something here. I thought that O'ing was the problem with PCOS, and that you have to O to do IVF. So why would you need to do IVF? I mean, if you can O, and you have open tubes, then you can get preg without IVF, and IVF costs like $15k, so why do it? Sorry if I am an ignorant fool, I have just been wondering about this for a while and wondering if I might eventually need to do IVF, too.
Don't some RE's push IVF on patients because it is a big money maker? So how do you know if you really need it or if they are just after your money?
Thanks for clearing this up for me!
I am praying for all of you to have successful IVFs this round.
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