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sageandsam- I have tried 4 cycles of injectibles which did get me to O with the help of Ovidrel. We also did IUI with 3 of those cycles, even though my DH does not have any male infertility issues. With the stimmulating meds, you have the risk of overstimming, therefore cancelling a cycle or maybe ending up with too many eggs and maybe too many babies. The IVF is more controled. They still give you the stimming meds, even more, so that you create lots of follies. You will then take a few shots of HCG (2 shots of Ovidrel in my case) and that will lead you to O, have the follies release the eggs. The eggs DO NOT go through your tubes or anything- the RE retrieves them through your vaginal wall while you are sedated. This way they can try to get lots of eggs to attempt to fertilize. It also helps for those who are able to ovulate but have tube problems I guess (I dont' know much about that side of it). The success rate for injectibles with IUI is about 25-30% chance of a pregnancy and the success rate for IVF for my age group is about 50%. Did I answer your questions? I dont' think my RE is out just for the IVF because quite honestly, I have spent more (insurance has) on the meds than even one cycle of IVF costs. If I get eggs to freeze, I will not have to go back on injections and such. I will only need to take some estrogen and progesterone supplements. Let's hope it works this time.
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