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I'm well experienced with IUIs, unfortunately. I've done all but one of my medicated cycles with IUIs, and I will be going in for my 7th and final IUI this month. I did get pregnant on my 4th IUI cycle (2nd injectable cycle), but it ended in miscarriage due to a chromosome abnormality.

My experiences with IUI have been mixed, and depend on which nurse has done them. (My clinic uses the nurses to do the IUIs, though I know in some practices, the RE does them.) It's pretty much like a pap smear. Before they start, they confirm that you and DH's name are absolutely correct on the sperm. Then, they put the speculum in, which almost always hurts since those things are tourture devices. Then they insert a catheter with the washed sperm, and assuming they get it in right away, it's over in seconds. I usually feel it -- it's like a bad cramp. The nurses have me wait for 10-15 minutes with my knees up. And that's it. Sometimes they use a giant cotton swab to remove my CM before inserting the catheter. Those cotton swabs scare me for some reason.

I try to keep my stress level down on IUI days. I have gone back to work after them, and I have also taken the whole day off. Weekend IUIs are great because then I don't have to worry about work. Last month, I took a half-day off and worked from home the rest of the day, which is happy medium for my stress level.
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