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Default Endocrinologist/PCOS

Originally Posted by MommieJessie View Post
Hi Elyse,. I was recently diagnosed with PCOS,.and my sister too. I am looking into starting a support group here in Springfield Massachusetts. So you can send some moms over to me if you know of anyone near the New Hampton Area.
I too have PCOS and my doctors aren't helping me with this. I was told I had this and to lose weight, nothing else. It wasn't until my co-worker told me to go see an Endocriniologist to help me with my hormones that I realized there is help out there. Two of my kids had surgery on the same day and I was wacked out, I felt stresed and out of control (hormonoly). It was a weird feeling and I as I was telling my co-worker how I felt because I didn't know what was wrong with me, I just felt very overwhelmed. She told me it must be my hormones going crazy and she recommended see a specialist. So I contacted Baystate Endocrinologist and am seeing them next month. I need to learn how to manage this and learn to live with it. My scalp was also very sensitive to the touch and I was told that this is also a symtom of PCOS. It seems everything that I am feeling is somehow associated to this. I hate having this. The funny thing is I have had four children and it wasn't til way after my fourth pregnancy that I was diagnosed. I will post about my appointment after I go.
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