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[quote="melfab15"]today is CD 2 and today I went for me RE appt. I had a unrine HPT test to confirm that I am not PG (im not- ha ha),

Mel-don't you love how they do that-then they call us and tell us-I always feel like saying "DUH". LOL :lol:

Congrats on giving yourself the shot! I did too on Friday for the first time (DH was upset over the child support increase and went for a drive so I didn't want to bother him when he got back). I also did it last night too because DH was eating dinner when I needed it and again, I didn't want to bother him (not that he minds at all). When I give it to myself, I stand up, when he gives it to me, I lay on the couch. I actually prefer to give it to myself now, but I know that would disappoint him cuz he likes feeling involved.

I am on 100iu's and I'm not thinking I will get OHSS due to the fact that they aren't really growing! LOL ALthough the RE's office said that I have two that are just about 10mm so they want to keep me on the same dose-hoping only those two will cont to grow and the rest will stay under 10. They may bump me up and then back down at one point they said.
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Yup-there's five of them now! LOL

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