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Can I just say what in the fluff is taking so long? I also am slightly annoyed.... though trying to tune it out to my possible over sensitivity to this whole deal. THe check was cahsed on Tuesday (9/6), and I still haven't heard a peep from the agency. Today I called the social worker that I have been talking to for a year and left her a voicemail, the receptions said she thought that she woudl be returning to the office today. Then nearing the close of business hours, I called the headquarters office and asked to speak to someone about my application, and got transferred to someone whose phone rang until I also got their voicemail, and I left one.
I know this is probably the easiest part of the process, but not knowing if I am even going to get to experience the rest of the process is absoultly driving me nutso. Next Saturday (9/17) DH and I are planning on attending a required workshop the agency puts on, but I am NOT attending if I still don't know if all systems are a-go, becuase what is the point in going, if they just deny us as clients two days later? *grumble*
Thank you very much for reading my rant.
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