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Default Question about GF with PCOS

my gf was diagnoised years ago that she had PCOS, we've been dating for 8 months.

And I need some help trying to help her emotionally. I've been doing some research. and she has some self esteem issues due to the PCOS symptoms and wasn't sure how i could help her. If i should suggest medicines to help keep some of the symptoms under control so she doesn't feel so weird in her own skin. or just support her and let her know how I see her.

I care about her and I need some help.
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I think the best thing you can do is to do research and let her chose what to do with the information. You need to let her know you love her no matter what, but you want to see her happy and that if seh gets treatment it is for her and only her.

There is medications, treatments and help depending on which symptons she has and decided to treat. The main issue can be insulin resistance with can caus major health problem later in life, so if nothing else she shoud get help to avoid these problems. Findig a group to talk to that have similar issues and problems does really help, so getting her on here to support her would be a good start.

Good luck and remember no matter what love her and support her decisions.
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Thanks for the info.....

I'll do some more reasearch and just ask her how much she knows about PCOS to know what she already knows, and let her into some new info so we help stop future problems...

I thank you and i was also wondering...

wen it comes to pregnancy. she doesnt know if she can have kids or not. but she tells me she cant.
So i was wondering from anyone who has done it already. what is the best thing to go for medicine wise first. or is it possible for a doctor to tell whether she isnt capable or just try medicines till one works in the future?
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First of all, I commend you on being so proactive in helping your gf out. definitely get her onto this site. It can be so helpful just to have others to talk to who feel the same.

As pregnancy goes...Any doctor that flat out says she can't have children without much of an exam does not know much about pcos. Just visit the pregnancy and moms threads on this board to see all the success stories. I would recommend she go see a reproductive endocrinologist. They will help get her on the right track to get her healthy so that getting pregnant is more probable. Once your gf gets her insulin resistance under control, she will most likely be able to conceive. She could need any level of medical intervention to achieve pregnancy from purely weight loss to IVF. Many women with pcos get pregnant after losing weight.

Good luck and best wishes to your gf!
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They say that, once you get the IR under control and get ovulating again, you have almost the same chance of getting pregnant as the "average" woman. Many women regain their fertility with just weight loss and Metformin (a common med for PCOS as it improves IR, and therefore many of the symptoms).

I would suggest you focus on the lifestyle changes (wholesome, low-GI-type diet and exercise) at first, give it at least 3 months and see how that works. If she doesn't see a change in weight or energy, then she might need Metformin, too. There's a lot more information in the FAQ's sticky at the top of this board.

Other than that, just be there for her, and don't try to to "fix" her. Let her know that you love her just the way she is, and tell her what you love about her and her body. Tell her what you think is sexy about her, and let her know when she does something that drives you nuts (in a good way)! Give her a pat on the bum or a quick hug as you go past. That sort of thing can go a long way when your self-esteem is down.

Take care, and HTH!!! It's great that you're being so supportive!!!
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One of the best things I have done for my girlfriend who was diagnosed not too long ago with PCOS was just be there for her. I introduced her to this site and she read some stuff. Whenever she would cry I would hold her and just tell her that we can get through this together... Another thing to do is just make her know that you will always be there for her. This has worked amazingly good for me. I hope this helps everyone.
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