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Default already obsessing about work

so, i'm on maternity leave now but i'm already wondering what it will be like when i go back to work. i was already skating on thin ice because i miss work due to PCOS.
my cramps are unbearable at times. i was induced into labour, my contractions were coming every 90 seconds and i was given morphine twice to deal with the pain. it was exactly how most of my periods feel.
i've been fired from jobs before. this place has been really good so far, but now that i will have been gone a year any good report i had built up will be lost. i also have a new boss to go back to, so he may not understand as much. how have other people dealt with this?
Diagnosed PCOS/Polycystic ovaries at 12
1 obvious m/c
no treatment since going off of b/c
Can all be attributed depending on the doctor.
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