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Hey I just found out i have Pcos also
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when i was diegnosed i was alittle scared as to what it ment. it does cause me some complications but not always. there is some pain to it but you would be suprised as to how many people actually have it and you can talk to about it!
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its so true ... many people have it. When the doctor diagnosed me she also said its very common and i didnt believe until i found this site.
@NYCPCOsgirl- do ur research ... once u get pass the initial shock it becomes easier to accept. Some days are better than other but ur blessed with life is how i look at it, we all are and if we couldnt handle it, we wouldnt have been dealt these cards.
Stay blessed.
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Curlpearl, I would join you, but I don't like low carb diets I'm sorry!! I wish you luck, I'm sure you'll do fine, just have faith in yourself, we do!

Finally, a thread that I can support!! I find that one of the key problems with a lot of women and girls with PCOS is their stress levels. I say this because you guys were talking about how it's okay to cry, and I completely 100% agree. Crying helps relieve that stress a little. Believe it or not, but stress can actually make your symptoms worse! Everything seems to get worse when you're stressed about life in general.

My recommendation is to cry if you need to, really it's okay Get some fresh air, smile, be optimistic! Tomorrow is a new day, and things can only get better once you feel like you hit the bottom, am I right? For all of you cysters, everyone on these boards needs support and has the capability of being supportive for you too. I actually find that giving support to others makes me feel better too, makes me feel like I can do something useful I recommend trying it (not that this thread isn't like all of you supporting everyone else, it was touching ) Smile everyone!! It'll be okay!!
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Im trying to lose weight now too im not on any specific diet i was thinking about weight watchers but because my eating habits were so bad i figure if i just eat healthy and go to the gym i should be able to lose and tone. Currently ive lost 3 pounds lol and im so excited. But anyways i eat fruits veggies salad fish and chicken. If i eat beef like spaghetti or lasagna i dont eat much.
What im saying is dont kill yourselves ... i read somebody say they didnt lose weight and now ur going to binge on the weekends but dont mamas ... its okay trust its not worth the stress.

Anyways cysters
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Old 01-30-2011, 05:47 PM   #16
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it's funny how this old thread has been revived...
I've started going to a nutritionist and she is the best! So far I've lost 8 pounds in about 5 weeks and I feel so much better! I'm also exercising twice a day and my mood and energy levels are great!
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college, recently diagnosed

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