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Red face back

hi all i havent been here in a while . we adopted two little boys about two years ago from my husbands cousin they have been such a breath of fresh air and a huge blessing after trying since 2002 . so now we are wanting to add to our family . so the conception journey begins again


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Default TTC Here

Waiting on hubby to have his semen analysis done and then another appt with RE. We are trying Femara and Menopur in the next cycle.
Constance N. Smith

Me - Born 6.27.84; diagnosed with PCOS 7.8.10; no other known issues
DH - Born 9.17.79; no known issues
Married 12.30.06; TTC first bundle o' joy since 2.21.10.

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So I haven't been on in a while and just wanted to give a little update on our situation. We actually stopped trying completely in Nov. after my Dr. told us she was going to dialate my cervix because it had some scar tissue but if that didn't work I had used up my usages of Clomid and Letrozole for my lifetime, no more than 7 cycles. We can't afford anything further. She wanted my cycles to stay under 60 days so at 56 days on Jan 24 I took a HPT it was positive and went to the Dr. last Tuesday everything looked great and my HCG was 12000. All of you still TTC are in my prayers and I wish the best for you.
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Thank you for the update Brandis and congrats!!!

Aspiring midwife
Certified Birth Doula

DD July 2009 at 37wks 1day
DS January 2011 at 38wks 1d
Angel babies 8/12 & 12/12
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Hi everyone...im usually on the aarp of ttc sticky but no one is there so i thought i would join here. I started gonal f 150 today.... Will be stimming till day 9 n then we see when we do the iui.
ME(38)DH(38) dx 1995(17 yrs)
Injectibles... Gonalf n iui.... N prayers!
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Hello ladies-
I'm back. I'm not sure whether it's good or not, but I recognize a lot of familiar names. I wish you weren't! But it's nice to see familiar "faces" in a way.
Long story short, my BFP turned into twins born at 24 3/7 weeks that did not survive their prematurity.
Needless to say, I'm back. I had a vertical incision on my uterus. We were told to wait 18 months between deliveries for the best outcome. We've not been trying at all. Our method of bc has been withdrawal...it's NOT effective ladies. Between my pregnancy and maybe now that I'm on met, my cycles regulated. Cylce #1 7 weeks after I stopped pumping, a 45 day cycle, and a 30 day cycle...followed by today being cd 30 and a faint positive...augh! Almost 4 years of unprotected sex and fertility hormones and I can't get pregnant when we're going full BD and then we are somewhat careful and boom, it happens. WTF I guess maybe it's proof that this is my miracle rainbow??
I had an appt tomorrow anyways to meet with my OB re: a subsequent pregnancy and the fact that I tested slightly positive for antiphospholipid antibodies (not lupus coagulant though) which could have lent to my HELLP syndrome. Apparently it will now be for more than that...I have a call into the nurse to see if I can have blood work ordered...here we go...nervous wreck begins..........but I promise you, I am DETERMINED to enjoy every minute of this pregnancy and not be as uptight as I was last time......because obviously my stress and apprehension last time didn't do me any good either.
Me - 26, Diagnosed 10/2000, BCP until 7/09
DH - 28, SA normal
Together since 8/03, married 6/22/08
TTC since 8/09
3 cycles Femara, 3 cycles Clomid - No O
Follistim 12/10, 5/11, & 7/11, unable to conceive
IVF#1 BFP!! Twins born 16 weeks premature due to HELLP syndrome
Samuel 9/3-9/25/12, Andrew 9/3-9/6/12
Currently: TTC#3
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Melliot I just want to say how sorry I am. I lost my twin sons at 20 and half weeks and its heart wrenching. I'm sorry you had to go through that type of pain.

cuddles - are you on the facebook group? Seems like a lot of us chat there.

Its nice to see some familiar faces, but I'm sorry you're all still here.

DH and I have one IVF one shot, we'll try to start this next month. We're self pay now..and can't afford it, but got some money when my dad passed in April. After losing the boys I just havent been on as much, and more frequent the facebook private page for preggers and TTC. Seems like every time I do try to swing in here, and I have more than 5 minutes the boards are timed out, or soooo slow. I'm going to try to stop in more often, just not every day like i use to.
Me (30) DH (32)
dx 2006,started TTC 2008
5 rnds of clomid
3 years of TTC, many IUI's, injections, chemical preg.
Feb/March 11 -IVF #1 -37 at ER 26 Fert. Severe OHSS, BFN, fragmentation/vacuules in most embies
May-FET #1 - Chem preg
Sep - IVF #2- Menopur, Gonal, Lupron, 19eggs, 9fert.
BFP 10/7 -Twin Boys! Born at 20 weeks, incompetent cervix

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Melliot, I am so sorry for the loss of your babies. I hope the doctors can figure out the right plan of care for you with this pregnancy. I will be praying for you to have a healthy pregnancy and delivery.
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Hey all. Long time no chat.
Its been a long while since I have even been on these boards and I can see what people say when they are quiet.
I usually stalk the groups on facebook now but decided to pop in and stalk here a bit too hehehe....Surprised I remembered my password.
We have been TTC #2 since Start of december last year. So far things are going better than last time since i'm now ovulating on my own and a lot of my hormones are near normal.
I am currently on CD8. My cycle is approx 36 days on average.....It seems to be getting a day shorter each month lol.
Anyway baby dust to you all and I hope all is well here.
Meagan (26) and David (33)
TTC #1 Dec 2009 - March 2011
6 rounds clomid = O and BFP on 10th March 2011 Due 11/11/2011 Born 23/11/2011

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Megzy: what did you start doing to regulate your hormones and begin ovulating on your own?

Afm: just eavesdropping a bit since DH and I will be trying for baby #2 soon
Thin PCOS dx Dec 2010
Me (26) + DH (28) Married Oct 9, 2010
NAC,prenatals,fish oil,pineapple core,Prog
8 mos TTC w/ cycles of Clomid, Femara, Gonal F, IUI
Gonal F/Ovidrel/Prog cycle #2: BFP!
HcG, Prog @ 16dpiui - 551, 51.8 @18dpiui - 981
Vanishing Twin Syndrome, Baby A h/b 130 @
6wks5days, EDD 4/21!
it's a BOY!
"Lean on me, I'll lean on you, We'll be okay." ~DMB

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