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Default 2013 2ww

Hoping for lots of BFPs!!!
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I am here, but I am not sure anyone else is, even though I know there are more ladies in the 2ww right now!

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DS January 2011 at 38wks 1d
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Default 6 dpo with spotting

Hi Ladies! I haven't been here for a very long time. I had my daughter almost 6 years ago and joined this group and now I've been trying for 1 1/2 years for another baby. 1 year of that has been with the same RE I went to before and it is so much harder this time. I've had cycles cancelled because I overstimulated or had cysts but this is my 4th cycle where I've actually ovulated and I'm in the 2ww. My first two times, I was on clomid but that result in BFN and some issues with my lining so this is my second cycle with follistim/ovidril and I know it's early but I'm having spotting and I don't know what is going on. I ovulated last Thursday and the spotting started 2 dpo (Sat) and has been pinkish but I have had slight streaks of red with mucas starting today. I didn't have this during my other 2ww so I'm wondering if anyone has experienced the same thing and gotten a BFP? I pray that all of you have a successful cycle resulting in a BFP and I'm glad I found this group again for support
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Default ignore the pregnancy icon

I'm not sure how to remove the baby gaga pregnancy icon from my signature. This is leftover from 6 years ago when I was pregnant with my daughter.
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That link will take you to edit your signature. Good luck in the 2ww!
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Default Back again

Hello all-
It's been awhile since I've been here...I was having a hard time keeping up during my pregnancy...then when my boys were born at 24 3/7 weeks, I was a mess. So now I'm back...almost 6 months after they were born and 5 months after losing my second son....
I'm in my 2ww. Ever since the boys were born, I've had FAIRLY regular periods (WOOHOO!!)...7 weeks almost to the day from when I stopped pumping for Sam, followed by a 45 day and 30 day cycle. I'm now day 28. I took HPTs the past 3 days and all were negative, but I've had super sore bbs for a week...I never get those with my period. But then again, I have no idea because I've really only had the past 3 months to compare to. I've also had unbelievable mood swings. Even though I've been pregnant, I don't feel like I can compare with the previous pregnancy...it was an IVF cycle with severe OHSS 10 days after. :-/ I'm also having a lot of discharge...kinda of cloudy. I sometimes get a lot right before a period, but this just looks different. And then there's this gut feeling...I don't know if I'm dreaming or what. But I also don't know if I'm testing too early or just hoping so much that maybe, just maybe it's true.
I should also note that I truly am not trying. DH and I did the BD all 5 days around when I MAYBE ovulated (2/1-2/5). We have been using the withdrawal method...you know because that's effective, right? (note sarcasm) I had a vertical incision c-section on my uterus, so we haven't received the all clear...but at the same time, we're finding out that maybe my OHSS had an effect on me getting HELLP...ugh! Who knows...I'm word vomiting! Needless to say, I have NO idea when to test....
Me - 26, Diagnosed 10/2000, BCP until 7/09
DH - 28, SA normal
Together since 8/03, married 6/22/08
TTC since 8/09
3 cycles Femara, 3 cycles Clomid - No O
Follistim 12/10, 5/11, & 7/11, unable to conceive
IVF#1 BFP!! Twins born 16 weeks premature due to HELLP syndrome
Samuel 9/3-9/25/12, Andrew 9/3-9/6/12
Currently: TTC#3
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Haven't been on here in awhile. Currently in the 2ww for the first time since ttc with ds1. I had forgotten how crazy anxious and nerve-wracking this was! I will be testing on March 22nd if AF doesn't show up before then!
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Sassy - I am also in the 2ww. I was going to test on Wednesday, but I think I will wait til Saturday when I will be 12 DPO. I think it will be more accurate then. Good luck to you!!!
Me:36 DH:36
DS born 11/06 (best day ever!)
TTC#2 since 1/10
BFP on 7-11-10, MC 6 weeks - 7-26-10
BFP on 6-17-11, MC 11 weeks - D&C on 8-18-11
BFP on 5-5-12, MC 5.5 weeks - 5-18-12 - possible ectopic, methotrexate shot in both legs
BFP on 12-20-12, MC 7 weeks - 1-7-13 possible blighted ovum
tested positive for one copy of MTHFR gene
baby aspirin, folic acid, B6 & B12, Metformin ER 500mg, progesterone after O
currently undergoing more testing
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FL - Good luck to you too!
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good luck ladies! <3 I'm in the 2ww too...I'll test around the 28th..not expecting anything, but you never know!
Me (30) DH (32)
dx 2006,started TTC 2008
5 rnds of clomid
3 years of TTC, many IUI's, injections, chemical preg.
Feb/March 11 -IVF #1 -37 at ER 26 Fert. Severe OHSS, BFN, fragmentation/vacuules in most embies
May-FET #1 - Chem preg
Sep - IVF #2- Menopur, Gonal, Lupron, 19eggs, 9fert.
BFP 10/7 -Twin Boys! Born at 20 weeks, incompetent cervix

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