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Default HELP:Unable to loose weight been 4 yrs

Hi my daughter has PCOs and insulin resistance. She is now aged 21.Her story started when she was 16 years old in 2007 she weighted 55 kilos. In Jan 2008 her periods stopped and after 3 months later I took her to a gynaecologist who said its fine .. her periods will come when they are ready. In June 2008 she complained of back problems so I took her to a back clinic and after 3-4 months her periods came back.(ie 1 one year she had no periods). In Oct 2008 Ė Dec 2008 she went to 65 kilos and in Feb-April 2009 she went to 75 kilos (20 kilos in 6 months and eating and exercising well). She has always eaten healthy and has been playing soccer 3 times a week since she was 15-16 years old..At home we cook very health with limited carbs we eat mostly protein. That is we do not eat pasta, rise , potatoes , sweets,or any take away whatís so ever..I am a healthy freak myself.. Our usual eating plans are one toast in the morning with an egg or ham or cheese, or omelette..and 1-2 week cereals sometimes non at all...lunch is protein with salad and one piece of fruit .Dinner is protein with vegies or salad .We also know to combine carbs with protein (ie apple with nuts). In June 2009 she was diagnosed of having PCOS and Insulin Resistance.She started to follow Lean for Life diet and she lost 2kg in 4-5 months and it would not budge.. so we went to see an gynocologist DR XX and he put her on metformin 500g a day.After a few months no change was happening so we went to see an endocrinologist Prof XX and he put her on Yasmin and again no change and he told us go on Xenical tables which when I enquired at the counter it was for people who were eating bad. If she is not eating bad why would she take tablets that melt the fat she eats. Also how would this effect her bowls??He said there is nothing I can do..
Then we went to another Endocrinologis as this one was a well know in Australia and her off Yiasmin and increased her metformin from to 2000g a day and recommended a Dietitian.
We went to the dietitian and again no results so he increased to Metformin to 3000 grams a day..
...In Jan 2010 we went to another nutritionist (optifast) who put her on shakes and plus meals , tried all meals, tried all shakes..She put on another 5 kilos (now 80kg and she told us there is nothing she can do and she said she has had 6000 patients and no one has failed so far. .
In Jan 2010 my daughter was in hospital for an Abscess and while she was in there she had a gull bladder attack so they had to remove it and then she was in a lot of pain and they also did an ERCP.(3 operations in 13 days) The hospital starved her for 13 days as it was waiting game of getting the operations but each day it was cancelled because of emergencies. She was only allowed to eat 1/3 cup of apple juice every day. It was hell for her. She said mum if I donít loose wait now I will never loose weight. She had lots of friends visit her and keep her happy in the hospital.All came with their lap tops to watch movies and she had 4-5 different friends visit her each day.She has very nice friends and lots of them,.She came out of the hospital after 13 days and she did not loose not even 1 gram. How is this possible????.

Her blood tests are fine including her thyroid, testosterone, vitam D, hormones and she did the stomach cancer test and that was fine as well.
We have tried all these diff diets including Bi-trim diet , Lean diet, Body trim ,Tony Ferguson, Opti-fast, Cohens .., Geraldine Diets , Sussie Barrel diets, had her own trainer , and we just finished trying HCG its been 4 years of no weight drop at all...I even took her to nutritionist while overseas .but her weight will not budge ...
She plays soccer 3 times a year with 1 1-2hrs of training each time. She also does Zubba dancing 1 hr a week and used to go to the gym 1 hr on on days she did not have sport...
She eats like egg with 1 toast in the morning, or omelette , fruit or carrot for snack , chicken/meta or fish with salad or vegies size of palm (but also tried 70g)10 nut snack, or a couple of strawberries or celery, and chicken ,meat or fish with vegies or salad for dinner.
We have done the 3 meals a day, the 5 meals a day, 6 meals a day ,the shakes, the no exercise, the little exercise and the lot exercise...
She is taking Fish oil, magnesium, some spray for energy, B12,metformin , vitamin D and nothing is working.
You might think she is eating behind my back and you may call me a bad mother but I had no choice than to investigate this even though I knew she was saying the truth. I have followed her around like after the gym, or at places with her friends to see if she eats take away and discovered nothing..I have asked her friends in a different way where I don't embarrass her and they all eat healthy as they all go to the gym together. I have checked her bags for wrappers and I have put things in a position where I would know if she ate part of it or it would go missing ... nothing..innocent as anything.
The doctor also gave her some depression tablet she has been taking even though she is not depressed..
She has lots and lots of friends.. she is the popular girl everyone wants to hang around with and they all ring and they all come over to our house..
Psychology she is ok just gets frustrated every time she weighs herself its not budging. She is trying so hard and the weight will not budge.. We have tried every single diet in different ways.
I have come to a brick wall and need help desperately...
My daughter is a fighter and will not give up. I do not know anyone who has been dieting for 4 years (even though she has eaten healthy in the past) and exercises so much and still cannot loose weight. I know muscle weighs more than fat.. but she should have lost 10-15 kilos with the food she is eating and the exercise she is doing.
Came to a brick wall and don't know what to do...
Please help anyone ...!!!!!!!!!! anything !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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It sounds like she is doing everything right! Why is she on depression tablets even if she is not depressed? I would question the doctor on that one, becuase sometimes those types of medications can make it difficult to lose weight.
If she is eating right and exercising, her health is probably OK. I am sure the weight does bothe her overall self esteem.
Or maybe all her doctors met together to discuss a plan of action?
Finally, we can't call this "dieting" we must refer to it as our healthy lifestlye, as these choices we make are for life, not just until we lose weight. It is impartive to our over all health to eat low carb to manage our insulin resitence issues.
Finally, have her metformin checked, maybe going on a higer dose, but using extended release formula might help.
Good luck.
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