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Default New here & just wanna vent please

Hi everyone,

I diaganosed myself 2 yrs ago, you might think that is funny or even untrue. But after years of medical female issues, I started hunting the internet to see if anyone else had these problems.

I have never had a normal period, there has always been something wrong, too much, not enough. I had an ovary removed when I was 33 yrs old and the other ovary failed soon afterward. I stopped having periods a few yrs later.
After many doctors and many failed attempts to revive the remaining ovary, I pretty much gave up.

Then between losing the hair on my head and growing hair on my face, I began to look for hairloss answers and found PCOS. I brought this to my doctors attention and she said "Huh, you might be on to something." My first thought was, If I had back all the money I spent on doctors and failed treatments. LOL

I have cyctic acne from the hairs on my face becoming inflamed within the folicle. I have skin allergies, so I am assuming that part of that is what is making the acne so bad. I have been gaining weight over the last several years, but now I weight more than I ever have.

I am goin to try another doctor in 2 days, god I hope he knows what he's doin. I feel like a guinea pig with no results. I don't even wanna leave the house any more.

Thanks for letting me babble, no one else seems to get PCOS or me for that matter.

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Hi just wanted to say I feel your frustration. I'm a 29 year old in the same boat as you, sort of self-diagnosed but going in to see if that's what it really is.

Also have lost a lot of head hair (scary and depressing), but got lots of nice hair on my face and rest of my body as a nice replacement (blerg), suffer from acne, skin discolouration, depression and a lot of the other symptoms. Now if I can just get a doctor that will believe me

However I've found I've finally started to lose the weight, get the acne under control and found the skin discolouration fading now that I've started eating a low carb diet.

Anyways hope you find a helpful doctor and some peace of mind
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Old 12-17-2010, 09:36 PM   #3
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Smile Also new here & looking for hope

Hi Sheri, Violisted, and all
I'm new to the group and actually new to the idea of PCOS. In Aug of this year I had to enter the emergency room with what we thought was respiratory failure. In the ER, the Drs said my lungs and bronchial tubes were clear but my asthma was acting up. There were giving me breathing treatments and said but that is not your problem. Your problem is that your blood sugar is over 600!! I was totally shocked. They started me on IVs which they hoped would bring down the blood sugar, to no avail. They brought in the endocrinologist specialist who started me on insulin shots immediately. The endrocrinologist, after getting my blood sugar to drop after 24 hours in the critical care unit started asking me questions about migraines, liver enzymes, menstrual cycles (which were always very severe beginning at age 12 and after two miscarriages I finally had to have my uterous and both ovaries out due to severe endometrosis), my hair loss (I lost all of the hair on my head at 16, and some grew back but nothing to shout about), but have an abundance of hair in my eye brows, arm pits, legs, and pelvic area, and many other questions regarding weight, cholestrol, and other things I don't even remember. She then stated I have "classic" PCOS. I of course had NEVER heard of it before. She told me if I had been coming to her two or more years ago I would not have type 2 diabetes, It would have gotten no further than metabollic syndrome. My liver enzymes are highly elevated and I have just been diagnosed (as of yesterday) with liver disease, stage 2 touching stage 3 and they are calling it NASH (Non-Alcoholic-SteatoHepatitis). What is amazing to me is that PCOS describes my ENTIRE life. I think I read something that said it was discovered in the late 1990s. So WHY didn't my OB-GYN every say anything? WHY didn't all the other Drs I've been to and believe me I've been to MANY at least send me to an endocrinologist??? There have been times when I thought I was going crazy because of all the things happening in my body including allergies to most things, the difficult time I've had losing weight (and now I'm the heaviest I've ever been although I've lost 18 pounds since August).
My only words of wisdom are if you think you have PCOS... find a GREAT endocrinologist. Let them start you on Metformin which is for metabolic syndrome but apparently helps PCOS. I'm 54 years old and have spent a large part of my life sick, just like my maternal grandmother, just like my Mom, and many of her sisters. I am grateful that what I have now has a name. I am grateful that they found the diabetes before I went into a coma. I am grateful for the diagnosis because now I feel there is hope. I realize that sounds strange, but for me it is very true. Thanks for listening to my ramblings and for your sharing. I hope to talk with you more.
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Old 01-10-2011, 08:01 AM   #4
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Default Recently diagnosed with PCOS after too many years

I understand your frustrations too. I had one doctor tell me that i don't have PCOS cause i still have a cycle.... I do but they are very heavy last seven to ten days that causes me to use bladder control products at night and keep extra clothes at work. I have the skin tags, facial hair, elevated A1c the list is endless. I kept reading until i learned that if the hormones still look in the normal range but on the low side this still can affect you also the symptoms are different for each woman and also ethnic background. My PA had been researching this and said lets trying Metformin. I about fell out of the chair. She listened and we are on the road to having a better life. I'm still scheduled to have a hysterectomy next month only because i too have a fibroid that was found but to finally know why i had two miscarriages in 2006 and 2007 along with the weight gain that i can't get rid of. I'm so glad that i kept figthing and found someone in the medical field to listen. now if my insurance company will only pay for my cream for the facial hair.
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Angry tired

I am 31 and have had pcos since i was 17 started developing symptoms after i miscarried at 17... dealt with it silently until last year. I went to dr he sent me for thyroid sono and pelvic sono. they say i dont have too many cysts on my ovaries..

but i have the skin tags and facial and body hair, i cant lose weight unless i starve myself. my hair is falling out on my head.

they have me on 2,000 mg of metformin a day!!! its not working i even upped the dosage myself and it is making me very ill. i get nauseous all the time and have migraines everyday.

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Old 01-18-2011, 08:03 PM   #6
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Cool Live and Learn

While the metformin may help regulate the insulin. It made me even sicker than I was. Nausea and throwing up until I switched to Glimerpride.

Had a hysterectomy 10 yrs ago to curb endometriosis, left ovaries in and now
I have been sick for almost two years now. Throwing up, pain in my abdomen, the hair, major depressive state, constantly cold, severe allergic reactions to meds/ tests that have been performed used before without problems, etc. I have missed more days of work in the past year than in my entire professional experience.

Had every test known to the medical community or so it seems. Told a multitude of possibilities. Told I had acute pancreatitis(non-alcoholic), gall bladder removed, and now the cysts on my ovaries are growing at what seems to be a little too fast. Was looking for information and came across this site. Now things sort of seem to be put in to prospective.

Ultrasound this week to see what is to be next. I know this was not all in my head as some have attempted to tell me. The pain and frustration is very real.
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Default I'm new and just need tobe validated!

I need to hear that I'm on the right track so hopefully someone will be able to identify with what I'm going through and help me! Please and thanks in advance!
I am 44 years old! My periods have always been regular until last summer when all of the sudden and out of the blue my period cycled at 35 days as opposed to the regular 25-27 days. My periods use to last about 5 days. I had no problem becoming pregnant when I was in my young twenties. No major problems until the past year. Such as I had a
"Suburethral sling" surgery and major "PMS" problems usually a week to two weeks before my period. I also was diagnosed with Graves disease (hyperthyroidism) in 2005 and now in remission. I was small at about 120 pounds before all of this. My body though has completely changed and I weigh 160 lbs.
I went to the Dr. because I did not feel good. Symptoms such as periods that started every 35 days, bloating that did not go away even after my period started,ankle swelling, moodiness, night sweats, lack of interest in my husband at all,forgetfullness. And then a period that started and stopped for two days and then started again. The nurse practitioner did not have any sympathy. In fact my blood results were not even discussed with me. They state that I have some results that are consisted with PCOS. I was basically placated and sent away to deal with it. I mean what's the point in having insurance if they just treat you like your stupid?
I just need to find guidance and direction because I feel miserable, fat, and ugly. I work out almost every day. I hardly eat anything and cannot lose weight. I get bloated and it doesn't go away. I suffer all of these symptoms and the Dr's and nurses just tell me to deal with it. I feel so helpless and almost like I am just crazy. Can anyone help point me in a positive direction. Please?Do this sound like PCOS? Anyone else diagnosed at this point in their lives? The Dr. claims I am not in Peri-menopause....
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