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Question Ablation proceedure

In a week I'm planning on having an ablation done. I have a friend who had it done and loves the fact that she doesn't have periods any more but she doesn't have PCOS. I've been told that this won't effect my hormones, it simply removes the uterine lining and that's it. Are there any PCOS women out there that have had this proceedure - did it make a difference in anything besides your periods?
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Hi Siennasuperstar.

Did everything go well with your ablation?

I haven't had an ablation done, but my doctor mentioned to me that I may want to consider it.

My problem is heavy periods with bad cramping (and now anemia).
I've read before that because PCOS puts you at risk for endometrial cancer, it's best not to have an ablation. This is because bleeding is one of the main symptoms of endometrial cancer, and with the lining being gone, it would be harder to detect. I also found info online about post ablation syndrome, which sounds pretty scary :-(.

I'm still thinking and praying about which is better, ablation or hysterectomy (other pelvic surgeries pending). So far, for my case I'm wary of ablation.
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Default ablation

I am also considering having an ablation. I don't know anybody with PCOS who's had the procedure, though, so I still have a lot of research to do. I have very long, very heavy periods even on birth control, and I'm just sick of it! I'm sick of the limitations it puts on my life, and I'm really sick of the cost of supplies for AF. Most women I know who have had it are very happy they've had it done. However, I still have a sneaking suspicion that even these procedures that supposedly don't affect your hormones actually do affect mine. (I firmly believe that having my tubes tied aggravated my PCOS).

Anyway, I would love to hear from other women who have PCOS and have had this procedure done. Thanks so much for starting this thread!!
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Default ablation

I haven't visited the message boards in quite some time and I just came across your posts tonight. I had an ablation procedure in Feb. 2011. It went well, but I still have periods. I guess the dr. did not get all of the lining. I'm still pleased with the result overall. My periods are now very light with little cramping. And, they now only last a couple of days. It's a big change! I had my tubes tied at the same time. In my case, the procedure did not seem to affect my hormones or pcos.
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