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Default Questions ---

I was actually dx'd with PCOS 10+ years ago. I still question the dx today, but in my recent educational search, I am discovering many "side-effects" that I am now suffering as I age.

Most recently with my yearly check up, I mentioned that I believed that my ovulation was what was causing some severe lower back pain right about mid-cycle. The gyn really did not talk too much about it and did not say anything after my exam. I am kicking myself now for not speaking up but the more I think about it the more it bothers me. Everything I am reading talks about abdominal pain but not really back pain. Does anyone else experience the low back pain on one side during ovulation? It doesn't last more than a few hours, usually. And seems to be one sided. But the last several months is always on the right. I thought you alternated ovaries to ovulate.

I am wondering if I should see a specialist or at least another gyn for another opinion. Should I have insisted on an ultrasound? Could it be other things causing the pain? What type of specialist would I see?

I am just not sure what to do anymore. I have had one thing after another since I turned 40 and I am having trouble distinquishing one from another. But the side effects of the PCOS may explain a lot of it. Insilin resistance, cholesterol issues, triglycirides, even read something about sleep apnea.
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