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I concur with everyone's remarks. I was diagnosed with PCOS 16 years ago, and a few other times after I moved to another location and had to get another doctor. I am now 31. I was blessed with three children (twins) and one a year later. I am strongly wanting a hysterectomy. I understand I will still have the metabolic issues but it will relieve the pain. I know doctors say that their is no pain with PCOS but they don't have to experience the constant cyst bursting.

When I was first diagnosed I was told that not having children would be the worst of the disease but after being diagnosed with diabetis, high blood pressure and having a stroke at the age of 28 they then discovered that is not the case.

I am lucky that I don't nor have I ever had issues with my weight, I am 105lbs wet. PCOS is strictly the cause of all of my health concerns, which I can deal with exercise but what about the pain?

I have had one ovary removed and the other one drilled, which helped for a little while with the periods.

I wish that doctors knew more and had more sympathy for what we have to go through everyday! I just want some kind of peace. Any advice?
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Hi Dagandhank, and welcome to the boards!

The first thing I would like to mention is that, if you are experiencing large, painful cysts, that is probably not related to PCOS. Some women are prone to them, and they can get QUITE painful, but it is just as common with PCOS women as those who don't have it. All the word "cyst" means is basically a pocket of fluid. The cysts you get with PCOS are really just eggs that didn't develop or ovulate properly. They're tiny, and they get re-absorbed into the body in about 3 months or so. The large cysts are more like pockets of fluid, and they hurt so much because they grow so large.

Now, I'm NOT saying that you are not suffering! It's OBVIOUS that you ARE!!! I totally agree that NO woman should suffer!!!

My suggestion would be to find a fully-qualified naturopathic doctor, get a full assessment done, and give it about 6 months to see if they can do anything for you before resorting to surgery (you should start feeling better before 6 months, but that's when things will really "kick into high gear"). The reason I'm suggesting a naturopathic doctor is because, 1) western medicine obviously hasn't helped you all that much, 2) naturopathic medicine has a strong history of successfully treating whole-body issues like these, and 3) beyond taking a few vitamins and basic supplements, you really need someone with the proper training to figure out what your body needs, and what will work best for you.

www.womentowomen.com is a GREAT site with EXCELLENT information! They do run a clinic focused on women's hormonal health, and they also offer services long-distance, too. I would start with them, and see where things go from there. I have always found their information to be top-notch, and they are not "pushy sales people". I truly believe they are in it to help people, not "just for the money".

If you would prefer not to deal with them, then do a Google search for "naturopathic association" and your state. That should give you the regulatory organization, so you know you have someone who's qualified.

At the end of the day, though, if you can't find anything that works, then I would go ahead and schedule the surgery. So long as you keep in mind the side effects, etc., weigh the risks and benefits, and figure out what works best for YOU. You're the only person who can answer that question.

Take care, and I really do hope you find some relief soon!!! (((HUGS)))
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Now, Metformin 1,500 mg/day, Fish Oil, D3, good multi
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