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Happy First Birthday Louisa!!!!!
Chelsea(29) David(30), married 10 years
TTC#1 since 11/07 - after many failed/canceled cycles BFP 10/24/09
TTC#2 10/11 - injections & TI BFP 11/05/11, ectopic 11/18/11 <3 Always in my heart
4/12 - injections & TI BFP 4/24/2012

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Happy Birthday Louisa!
Kari (31) DH (30)
Dx: Thin PCOS 2008, Ashermans Syndrome 2011
DD: 11/8/09 (most beautiful girl in the world)
DS: 3/31/13 (my little heartbreaker)
DS2: 6/3/14 (mamas baby)

P.U.S.H. (Pray Until Something Happens)[/b][/size]
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Happy Birthday Louisa!!!!
Me (30) DH (32)
TTC #1 8/2004
Dx- 8/2006

BFP - June 21, 2007 -- angel baby June 25, 2007
BFP - July 25, 2007 blessed by God 3/27/08

TTC #2 8/2010 BFP -- November 24, 2010
Miracle #2 7/29/11

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Happy birthday to Louisa!
Beth (38), DH (43)
2009-2010: 3 cycles Clomid, 5 cycles Follistim/IUI
BFP 10/2/09~M/C 11/19/09 due to Turner Syndrome~with us for 10 weeks; loved forever
BFP 5/26/10~M/C 5/28/10~our littlest baby always loved
IVF#2: ER 10/2; 12 eggs; 9 fertilized; 5d ET 10/7; 2 transferred=BFP 10/17/10!
Twins~Baby B lost 12/13/10~always loved
DS born 6/21/11
IVF #3: BFN; 1 frosty
IVF #4: BFP 11/17/13

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Happy Birthday Lou!!!!!
Me(32) DH(31)
Owen O'Neal 5-8-08
Annalyn Wright 7-12-10

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Happy Birthday Lou!!

Hope everyone is doing well. Sophie is doing fine. Can't believe she'll be 1 next Friday!
Me- 31 DH- 34
Married 6/29/02
TTC #1 2003-2010
Clomid/Femara/6 IUI's- was told we were just "unlucky" and IVF was our only option
Natural BFP- 6/2010
History of miscarriage/incompetent cervix
Sophie Renee born 12/2/10 1lb 11oz Spent 76 days in NICU

Baby #2 on the way! Due 9/20/14

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Thank you all so much! And thank you to everyone who supported me through the first year. There were honestly times I felt like I was losing my mind, but you were all so supportive and kind. I can't tell you how much I appreciate it. Ha, why do I feel like I'm giving some kind of acceptance speech?!

jl, I can't believe Sophie's birthday is so soon! What a little miracle she is!

Tiffany, sorry to bypass your original post, but things will get easier. I know it doesn't seem like it now, but it will. Don't be surprised if things don't instantly get better overnight at 6 weeks though (like I was counting on!). Sometimes the improvements are gradual. Until then, lean on your family and friends as much as you can. That's one thing I regret not doing in the beginning -- asking for and accepting help. You're doing a great job! Hang in there!
me 33, him 37
Married since October 2009
Louisa born 11/22/2010
Frederik born 2/19/2013

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Jennifer - Wow, it is hard to believe that Sophie will be a year old next week. Time is passing by way too quickly!

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Carolina - My DH bought Kelsey a Thanksgiving shirt that says "Thankful for Daddy"

Shan - Kelsey had done the crazy eating schedule a few times. She will usually pick back up with the amount she's eating after a few days though. Is it getting back to normal?

Tiff - Hope things are getting easier, but like everyone said, there does come a point when things get easier. Hope that point comes soon for you! Is it possible for you to hold him off for a bit to stretch out the time between feedings?

Happy Birthday Louisa!!!!

Took Kelsey in for her 4 month well visit, and she's doing great. After a few off days from the shots, we're much better now! She's just a tiny thing though at 25 inches and 12 lbs 8 oz. She's found her feet in the past few days and loves sucking on her toes now. That is when she's not blowing bubbles at me! It's still amazing to me to watch her grow and realize how thankful I am to have her in my life! Happy Thanksgiving!
Me 30/ DH 31---> Married 10+ Years

52 pounds lost!!!
Several Clomid and Femara Cycles - No Response
Several Cycles with Injectables - One No Response, One Overstimmed and O'd twice, but all BFN
Resting for a cycle . . . Surprise! BFP on 11/11

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Hey everyone. Happy late first bday to Louisa!

Tiffany - that's one of the things about ebf'ing. You have an extra limb because for a couple months that baby is gonna be on the boob. It helps regulate your supply. I hope it gets better for you. Don't give up! I wish I could ebf (we supplement due to low supply). Also, growth spurts affect sleep too. I am a grouch with no sleep and that has been the hardest thing to get past. I have been way grumpier to DH and sometimes even Jude than I should be. Is there any way you could pump and have someone bottle feed him while you rest? Depending on how old your son is, of course. I don't think bottle introduction is recommended before 3 mos. Someone correct me if I'm wrong. Though, alternatively, you do need sleep. I don't know what the best answer is

AFU - We are all doing well. Jude is army crawling and transitioning to crawling more. He's getting up on his knees and taking a few crawls forward before falling back to his belly. He is also pulling up on various things onto his knees and sometimes standing. I really feel like he is growing way too fast.

We gave him oatmeal tonight. He did really well. Next week we are starting sweet potato. He's been grabbing at our plates for several weeks now. He even took the spoon out of my hand and put it in his mouth his self tonight.
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DS1: Jude 6/8/11
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