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Default *NOVEMBER* Infants

Congrats and welcome to all the new mommies!
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Hellooooo! Long time no post. I figure it's a new month, new start.

I'm back at work, which is going sort of okay. It has been a tough adjustment for me. I think I might take a new job though, but I'm still negotiating the details. The pay is slightly better, the hours slightly less, so overall I think it could be a good move. We'll see how it pans out!

Louisa is in daycare Monday through Thursday, and it's going okay, but the poor thing picked up a nasty cold. We just put her to bed at 5:30pm because she was feeling so miserable. Unheard of! She also hasn't been sleeping through the night anymore since starting daycare. I'm hoping it's a combination of sickness and a new routine. I hope once she feels better we'll get back on track.

She's walking/running constantly now and babbling up a storm. I can't even believe her BIRTHDAY is less than three weeks away. We're going to have a little family celebration at my in-laws' but nothing bigger.

How is everyone else doing?! I've missed you ladies!
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mini- her birthday will be here before we know it! i can't believe she's walking/running and babbling soo much! puts my Mollie to shame. Hope things with the job work out for you!
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Lizzie 2nd birthday party is Saturday (actual birthday is tuesday 11/8). She isnt a baby anymore!
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Luke is 9 months old today! The time has flown! He's talking, crawling and starting to pull up now. He has been sitting up for a while but tends to throw himself back often because of his high muscle tone.
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mini, Glad the transition to work is going ok. And I hope Louisa gets back to sleeping good again! I totally think it's all the new things throwing everything off.

Happy 9 months Luke!

Happy birthday Lizzie!
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mini- I've been bad about getting on here too and I don't have and excuse like working! Hope you get this new job. Less hours and more money would be nice! Sorry about the bad cold! Hope Louisa feels better soon and starts sleeping good for you again. Yay on the walking and talking! I can't believe she is almost one!

kari- I had a really hard time when Abby turned 2! I felt like she was officially a toddler and not a baby anymore! Although now I look back at her 2 year pictures and she looks so little to me still! Hope you have a fun birthday with her!

sarah-9 months already? Wow, I feel like Samuel will be there before I know it and that makes me so sad! I just love the baby stage! I mean I love all the stages but I really love all those baby cuddles! How is the feeding thing going with him? Is he feeling better with the reflux stuff?

It's so weird to be worrying about Samuel and milestones. Abby was always so far ahead that I never worried. So Samuel sits up and babbles now, but he doesn't put weight on his legs much. A lot of times if I'm sitting and holding him up over my shoulder he will bounce up with his legs off my lap. But if I try to stand him up he doesn't really want to do it. Should he be doing that by now? He loves his Jumperoo and does a great job bouncing himself though. I'm hoping that will help strengthen his muscles? Also sometimes when he's sitting up or playing on his tummy I notice that he seems to have a hard time keeping his head steady- like it's still a bit wobbly. I notice it more when he's been playing a while so hopefully it's b/c he's tired.
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Hey everyone! I'm also trying to join back in. It's a new month after all. Things are going well here. Sophie is 11 months old today!! Hard to believe a year ago I was scared to death and on bedrest. Anyway, she is getting into everything. She has gotten really good at pulling to standing and is now starting to move from furniture to furniture so maybe walking is not too far away?! Also felt 2 bumps on her lower gums so I'm hoping that means some teeth soon. She's eating well and is at a really fun age now.

Sarah- Happy 9 months Luke! Hope he is doing better!

Mini- wow Lou is getting so close to 1! I didn't realize her and Sophie were so close in age.

kari- Happy Birthday to Lizzie! Hope she has a great party!

Megs- can't believe Samuel is 6 months already! Seems like he was just born! What he's doing sounds normal to me. I have a cousin that is Samuel's age and he is doing about the same things and their pedi isn't concerned. Sounds like he's doing great!
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I'm rarely on here anymore either...two darn busy! I don't know how you ladies do it, plus working, although I suppose I'm about to find out - got to go back to work in 4 months!

Megs - I wouldn't worry too much about your lil big guy, although I know it's hard not to. I didn't have anything to compare Riddik to because, after watching Riddik develop, I'm realizing that Temperance was soooo laid back and didn't develop like "normal" kids, so I think I'm watching typical develop for the first time. Nevertheless, our boys are big Megs. Riddik was 22 lbs at 4 months and now at 8 months is only 24 lbs. He didn't have the muscle development to support all that weight until about 6 weeks ago. That's when I really noticed a change. I was worried about the sitting up thing because T learned to sit really early (4 months) and I could sit her down and walk away, but with R, I couldn't leave him, he would just fall on his head within a minute or two. I realized soon that it was because he has a different temperament than T and he always reaching for stuff but didn't have the strength to stop from falling. My point is, our big boys need more muscle strength than the little ones and you would think they would develop more quickly because they appear stronger but they develop more slowly. Riddik at 6 months was only rolling around the room and was just starting to push his chest off the floor. At 7 months, he was starting to push with his feet and do a plank. Now at 8 months, he's army crawling everywhere and finally getting up on all fours and rocking back and forth. He's determine to figure this out. I'm not sure about the putting weight on his legs, Riddik was always stiff on his legs since birth. If you're getting really concerned, check it out with your pedi.

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Megs -- A lot of babies pull their feet up when you set them on them, it is their natural reaction at first. Also, I agree that the bigger babies tend to have a bit more chunk to overcome and have a hard time getting the muscle fast enough. Katelyn was a big baby, but Ginny is definitely bigger. Ginny still has a hard time lifting her head straight up off the ground when on her tummy and a little wobbly when I am holding her upright....by this age (actually earlier) Katelyn could already hold her head up and rarely wobbled. So different babies develop differently but also the bigger babies have to develop more muscle to do the same skill. (at least that is my experience)
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