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Default PCOSA Activities - Please Read!

PCOSA is like public television. It doesn't cost anything to watch public television, and you don't have to endure any commercials. But then again they hold those annoying telethons every year where they ask you to call in and pledge money to support the TV station. If they don't get enough money by getting enough people to pledge their dollars, they can't meet their TV station budget. So they annoy you until they get enough money.

We used to offer a "membership" at $40 per year, but we found that the administrative overhead took too much away from the donation value. At the same time, the member "benefits" fell short of contributors' expectations. We therefore decided to discontinue formal memberships. The good news is, today, 99.6% of your donation goes directly to our services with very little overhead. And we don't make any promises to send you costly postal mail or merchandise, but we can promise every dollar is well spent.

We will try not to annoy you too much, but you may see appeals for help from time to time. If you can spare $5, $10 or more to help us meet our goals, we really appreciate your support! Your PayPal receipt is your IRS donation record. You may write to info@pcosupport.org if you need our Federal tax ID and/or a formal thank-you letter for tax purposes. WE THANK YOU!


Many thanks!

PCOSA Board & Volunteers
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Default ???

i'm new to the website, so can someone tell me more about PCOSA?

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I would like to continue my membership to PCOSA but I get no response from the association. I paid for a membership last year, got a packet, then never heard anything again.
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PCOS society is unfortunately no exception. But frankly, we had a difficult year financially, even before recent events worldwide have created more widespread problem. corporate finance is limited and we found that for some reason, most women who serve PCOS not support us financially by joining the organization or renew their membership each year
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Default Help me please!!!

Hi, my name is Ksu. I am 29 years old. I live in LA. I'm so glad that I found this site.
Obviously, I shouldn't have acne; nevertheless, I'm suffering right now and have no idea how to help myself.
I was diagnosed with PCOS long time ago when I lived in Russia. I took hormone medication which helped me I guess in regulating my menstruation cycle and weight loss. Believe it or not, I fight with my weight always - it's stressful and emotional frustrating me. Because I thrive, but I meet less back. My weight is 160 now. I've been at gym all of my life. It's good, but I want to see more results. Anyway, Now I have a big problems with acne. I've been in doctor's office. She didn't even advice me to test my blood first, instead, she prescribed me very expensive medications over $700. I took antibiotics Doxycycline which she also prescribed me, but it doesn't help. I did master Cleans for 20 days. My skin is so painful and terrible to look at it. Dear friends, Please, help me to find a good endocrinologist doctor here in LA if somebody knows one. I really appreciate it. Thank you.
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