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Default PCOSA Discussion Board Terms and Conditions

The following rules apply to all of the forums. Please read over these and they should help you get your questions answered quickly.

These forums are owned and goverened by the Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome Association Inc., a volunteer-based non-profit organization.

When you use these forums, you agree to abide by these terms and conditions.

When posting:

* Please ensure that your topic and posts relate either directly or indirectly to PCOS, PCOS symptoms, and to the specific forum being used. Due to the prevalence of spam posts, off-topic discussions may be deleted by moderators without notification to the author.

* Chain letters and jokes are not permitted. Moderators may (but are not obligated to) make exceptions for jokes directly pertaining to PCOS symptoms, women's health, and/or medical content.

* Please search the archives! We have several years of archives and I can almost promise that your question - any question! - has been answered before. Using the archives helps keep volume down and helps you find a broader range of responses and information. You can use the "search" button on this forum. The PCOSA reserves the right to edit out posts from the archives that are deemed inappropriate.

* If you are looking for a suggestion for a physician in your area, PLEASE check the PCOSA list of professional members at www.pcosupport.org. If you have a PCOSupport Connections group in your area, you may also ask that group for assistance in the forum for your state.

* Subject headers should contain a good description of what you are writing about. Here are several keywords that are helpful: ACNE, WEIGHT-GAIN, HAIR, HIRSUITISM, FERTILITY, etc. Please do not submit posts with subjects such as "help," "please read," or simply "pcos."

* Not everyone reads the forum at the same time, so replies may be delayed. If you do not get a response to a post, please wait at least 24 hours before asking again.

* Don't take things personally. Remember, not every post is directed at you. The internet can be an impersonal medium, and sometimes the way people come across is not really what they intended. If you have a strong reaction to something, resist the impulse to respond immediately. Take some time and write a response and then tuck it away in your drafts folder for a little while (30 minutes is a good amount of time). Before you send it off, take a moment to read what you have written and make any changes that will help make your meaning clearer.

* Although constructive debate is allowed, hostile argument will not be tolerated. Share issues with facts, and be careful not to let your emotions lead to inappropriate response. Do not make personal attacks (flames) or attack other members' viewpoints. This includes other members' choices for treatment options. Any post, even on topic, runs the risk of being rejected or moderated if it is not presented in a positive, supportive fashion.

* Don't use all caps. Typing in all caps is the equivalent of yelling on the Internet and considered rude. Do not write messages in all caps.

* No profanity. Absolutely no profanity is permitted on our lists, this includes the "common" expletives as well as racial slurs.

* No soliciting of products or services. Sharing experience and information about products or services is generally permitted, however, commercial, mass sales and marketing posts are not acceptable. You cannot sell or promote your own products or services on our lists, or those of your friends or immediate family. Anyone soliciting for their business or cause may be banned from all our lists. No commercial advertisements either direct or indirect (e.g., "infomercials") are permitted on our forums. Footers with sponsorship information that benefits the PCOSA and its members are permitted.

* Please stay on topic. If you are reading a thread, please do not post a 'reply' with a totally different question it will be much harder for people to find and respond to.) Threads about where you live, your personal life, non-PCOS interests are generally considered private threads and should not be continued on the forum. Threads about non-PCOS related medical issues are better answered elsewhere. When someone asks "anyone else live in my city" respond privately. The Moderator can ask that any thread go private at any time regardless of the topic.

The forum moderators are the guides for the forum, they are volunteers and are not to be used for medical or psychiatric counsel. They are here to keep the list focused on PCOS-related topics and to help you solve any problems you may experience with the list.

Contact the forum moderator if you:
have any questions about the forum or what to do
are bothered by someone or something on the forum
have technical problems with the forum
have any suggestions, comments or complaints about a member, a posting, or the forum itself.

DISCLAIMER: Website and Internet forum content is intended for informational purposes only. It is not a substitute for proper medical care. Messages posted by list members, moderators, volunteers or staff of The Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome Association (PCOSA) do not necessarily reflect the positions or policies of the PCOSA. The PCOSA does not provide medical, health or nutritional advice, nor does the PCOSA engage in the endorsement of any specific product, company or practitioner. Please consult a licensed physician or practitioner before beginning any new diet or exercise program as well as when making health treatment decisions. Additionally, please note that any person subscribed to our lists can access list archives. Therefore, you must consider any post you send to the forum accessible by anyone with Internet access. For this reason, never include identifying information in posts.

Repeat of policy from PCOSA web site (some of this is redundant from above):

These forums are moderated by various volunteers and PCOSA Board Members. You can always email us privately, if you wish, at forums@pcosupport.org although we cannot make promises about the timeliness of our responses!) This message board is provided by, maintained and managed by the Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome Association. It is intended for discussion relevant to PCOS. Messages should be informative, educational, supportive and respectful.

PCOSA reserves the right to remove messages, block users after a warning and update policy without notice. The following posts and/or replies are subject to removal and the responsible user(s) being blocked from the discussion board: inflammatory; derogatory; controversial; religious; political; off-topic; profanity; posting another user's e-mail address (without that person's permission); questions/debate about board policy/management; personal attacks/harassment; boycott campaigns.

Commercial posting is strictly prohibited. This means that messages promoting a product or service must not be posted by, or on behalf of, anyone with any sort of financial interest in that product or service. Opportunities for paid advertising are, however, available on this discussion board and elsewhere on the PCOSA site; contact the I.T. Support Staff, who manages advertising on this website.

Solicitations to participate in market research by commercial enterprises are likewise prohibited. Solicitations to participate in research studies by non-profit entities must be cleared by the PCOSA Board of Directors before being posted on this board.

Posting of graphics (images) is discouraged. The "img" BBCode tag is available. However, please use it sparingly -- only when needed to display an image which is central to the point of your message. Do not display purely decorative graphics. And, certainly, do not display an image to plug a commercial product (see previous paragraph on commercial posting).

Copyrighted material must not be included in postings, but you may provide a link to the original source. In fact, whether or not it's copyrighted, if an article is already present on the web, you should post only a link instead of copying its full text, to avoid needlessly using up disk space on our server. This includes online newsletter articles from support group websites. If such an article is relevant in answering a question, just post a link and provide text explaining why the article is relevant to the questioner's unique situation.

Disclaimer: PCOSA, its affiliated support groups and the operators of this board are not responsible or liable, directly or indirectly, for any form of damages whatsoever resulting from the use (or misuse) of information contained in or implied by any postings on this site. This board should not be relied on as a source of medical advice. What works for one individual may not work for anyone else. Always check with your medical care team for specific medical questions.
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