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Default Signature Rules Reminder

From the PCOSA Online Communities Guidelines (http://www.pcolist.org/faq.php#Signature)

3.6 Signature Rules

A signature is the ending of your email where you state who it is from. The following types of signatures are NOT allowed:

- Politcal statements. (Remember these lists are international and people have a wide variety of political beliefs, let's keep the lists a comfortable and safe place for all.

- Religious quotes. (Our lists have people from just about every religion and faith on them. We want to have a supportive environment and not make people feel uncomfortable about posting because their beliefs are different than someone elses.)

- Links to any website that is selling products that you would receive compensation from. (Acceptable: Your personal website with pictures of your family. Not Acceptable: A link to a product that you sell or would receive compensation from.)

- Signatures over 5 lines. (Keeping your signature simple will allow others to remember you easier)

- Statements that not tolerant of other people and their beliefs. (Our lists should be a safe and supportive place for ANYONE to come and learn about PCOS. We want to get the word out and not hurt people in the process.)

- Personal Contact Information. No phone numbers and snail mail addresses. We cannot control WHO is reading the lists at any given time and all posts are archived and anyone who is subscribed to the list has access to them.

If you have questions or concerns about these policies, contact a list administrator.
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