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Post Recently diagnosed w/PCOS in AZ

My name is Rebecca...I am 27 years old, happily married and healthy with the exception of PCOS. I was recently diagnosed on October 19. I had symptoms of PCOS for years but could never find a doctor willing to go the extra mile to ensure an accurate diagnosis. I now have a wonderful gynecologist in Scottsdale. At this point I am nervous...I have yet to discuss possible options with my doctor. In the meantime, I have been researching PCOS. My appointment is on Wednesday. I don't have any children...but would love to have them! I am just looking for moral support and others such as myself to relate to. Are there any support groups in Arizona, in and around Phoenix? I live in the West Valley...any and all help would be appreciated...I enjoy new people and helping others as well.
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Hi Rebecca. I am 28 years old and have also recently been diagnosed with PCOS. My husband and I do not have children yet but we want them. I am terrified at the idea of not being able to do so. Since August, I've had a period every 2 weeks. It is agonizing. I take 1000mg of metformin per day and my gyne (also in scottsdale) wants to put me on BCP's but I am sooooooo hesitant because of side effects.
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Default Hi ladies

My name is Merry. I was diagnosed with PCOS in Oct. I am 26. I was wondering the same thing about support groups. If I tell anyone I have PCOS, they never have a clue what I am talking about. Then if I have to explain it, I am pretty embarrased. I try to not go around telling ppl about my weights issues, acne and growing chin hair.
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Hello- I'm a 23yr old female that was recently diagnosed with PCOS...I had never hear of it until a month ago....I had my daughter when I was 18 and everything was fine until 2 yrs later I started missing my period but the doctors would say it was because of my IUD....I could have been....but when I took my IUD off and didnít take any birth control methods....I wouldnt get my period and I was wasnít getting pregnant after a year like that I knew something was wrong but many different doctors keep on saying it was "normal" for 4 yrs with Out MY PERIOD....OMEGA I needed or I felt that I needed to be cleaned inside...well in April I did an ultrasound of my ovaries and they found a very large cyst..so i had surgery 3 weeks ago to remove the cyst and to also throw iodine on my tubes to clean out and see if i could try to get pregnant but they did not leak...which mean that Iím not ovulating....the lining of my uterus is so thin do to lack of hormone....why did it take 4 yrs to figure this out, and now that my husband and I want to have a second child we are told that I have PCOS? I donít ovulate I donít have hormones...I donít get my period and Iím overweight.....does that mean its over for me to stop trying with a second kid....this broke my heart....I havenít felt this emotional ever...I donít believe or I didnít believe in depression until these past month....glad to see a PCOS support website...and have girls here in AZ as well...best of luck to everyone

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Old 06-20-2010, 10:29 PM   #5
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I was diagnosed with PCOS by my GP at age 21, when I was having difficulty getting pregnant. He put me on Glucophage, had me cut out soda and sweets out of my diet, and start doing light exercising. Well, I lost 20 pounds in two months. He had me take my first round of clomid after that and I got pregnant that month! I had a good pregnancy, but had issues with my BP during the end and I dilated early and had my healthy baby girl at 37 weeks. Well, I went on BCP about four months after delivering because of an EXTREMELY heavy flow that sent me to the ER. I stayed on BCP for about a year. When I stopped taking them, I did weight watchers and exercised and lost 20 pounds. I was the lightest I had been since I was 19. Well, I wasn't trying, but I got pregnant again. Again, I had a good pregnancy until I went into pre-term labor at 33 weeks. My son was born at 35 weeks and all was good. Anyhow, after delivering, I had the problem with really HEAVY flow again. So, I went back on BCP. I also started having problems managing my blood sugar, which I hadn't really had in the past. I am not diabetic or anything. Well, I was diagnosed with hypoglycemia and pre-diabetes and told to watch my diet and try to lose weight. My doctors were not helpful with this. I tried to watch my diet and manage my blood sugar for three years. I drastically cut cards, watched the GI on all my food I was eating. Stopped eating sweets and crap completely, etc. Well, I only lost like 10 pounds and couldn't understand why. Well, my doctor was no help. So, I took it upon myself to see an endocrinologist. He did some bloodwork and found that my serum insulin levels were FOUR times the normal level. I have major insulin resistance. This is what was causing all of my symptoms including the PCOS and was preventing me from losing any real weight. He also said that I had probably ALWAYS had this problem since my mom had severe gestational diabetes when she was pregnant with me. Well, my genius endocrinologist put me on Metformin and told me to start exercising and continue my diet, but eating smaller, more frequent portions. This was last week. So, I am hopeful this will help tremendously. I will keep you posted. After reading your posts, I wonder if you are all seeing an endocrinologist as well as a gynecologist for your PCOS? If you aren't I strongly urge you to because there is a problem behind the PCOS, which is insulin resistance. Your GP and Gyno are ill-equipped to treat you for this. I see Dr. Chong at AZ Diabetes and Endocrinology and he is WONDERFUL! Very patient, knowledgeable, and actually wants to answer my questions. Anyhow, I know I am lucky to have the two wonderful children that I have, since I have PCOS. My husband and I are hoping that with this new treatment and Dr. Chong's help, we can have another child. I want to lose weight and get my insulin in check first though. I am off the BCP, and will not go back on them. I think that is just a GYNO's way of trying to solve our problems of heavy bleeding and irregular periods, when there are serious underlying causes. I hope you all are able to get through this and get healthy.
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Old 11-06-2010, 10:44 AM   #6
Dr. Mark
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Default The right doctor for you

Another option is to see a Reproductive Endocrinologist. These doctors are board trained Ob/Gyn doctors and have specialist training in endocrinology and infertility. This would allow you to get the specialty care for your PCOS and all the metabolic issues that comes with it and infertility care when wanted.

Two important points to take home:
1) Never go more then 3 months without a period. This can lead to cancer. If you haven't had a period in 3 months call your doctor to get some medication to have a menses.

2) If your menses are irregular, then your chances of getting pregnant are lower then most and you should not wait a year to "try and get pregnant". Try 6 months at the most and then see a Reproductive Endocrinologist.

Best of luck to you all. You will get pregnant, you just need to make sure you see the right type of doctor to get you there.

Dr. Mark
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Oh my suprise! I live in Litchfield park!.... I was diagnosed in 2007 right before we started tryng for our daughter... I was never put on meds because 1. i was preggo 2. I lost my insuarance after my daughter was born... Now I go to morrow to get the norm blood work and prescriptions..... I am so scared. I wold love to meet some of you guys... I think that it would help all over us... BTW I was 22 when I wasn diagnosed. Now I am 25.
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Old 11-12-2010, 12:13 AM   #8
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I live in gilbert. I have been diagnosed with PCOS about 1 year ago. I have the excess body hair, acne, no/irregular period, weight issues. I also have pains like period cramps, but nothing happens. i have been to the obgyn a few times. They act like their is nothing wrong. They explain that I am not having a period because of the birth control pills I am on. I have not had a period since May!!! They took an ultrasound and said that my ovaries were consitant with PCOS. I was told that if I wanted further treatment, I would have to see my general practitioner. Nothing seems helpful. I would like to have children soon, but am afraid that all of these problems are going to keep me from that. Or doctors are going to tell me nothing is wrong and then all the sudden it will be to late. Any advice on what to do next?
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Hi fliveng1! I live in Gilbert also and am 25 years old. I was diagnosed in July this year with PCOS. My LH to FSH is 3:1 and they saw many small cysts on an ultrasound. I went off of BC in sep. '09 and had only had one period since then. I told my ob that my husband and I were not ready to start trying yet so she put me back on BC and told me when we were ready to come in and she would start me on clomid if I had not ovulated after stopping the BC. The office I go to is called Valley Women for Women and it is on Val Vista and the 202. It's a great office and my doctor is being very proactive in doing whatever she can to try and help me get pregnant. I only have 2 more pills left and then I plan on going to see her next month and get things started! So if your current ob is not being an advocate for you, I highly suggest finding one that is willing to help, or even a reproductive endocrinologist. I hope things work out for you and you get pregnant soon!
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I now have a wonderful gynecologist in Scottsdale. I had symptoms of PCOS for years but could never find a doctor willing to go the extra mile to ensure an accurate diagnosis. At this point I am nervous...I have yet to discuss possible options with my doctor. In the meantime, I have been researching PCOS.
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arizona, pcos

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