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Default Doctors

Hey Y'all,

Both my sister and I are in school in Alabama, originally we are from Georgia. I was diagnosed with PCOS when I was 12 years old. Four years ago when my sister when off to college she began showing symptomes of PCOS at first we thought it was her thydroid meds not working but nothing seemed to help. My mother, Aunts and her PM Doc are all convienced that she has PCOS(ever woman in our family does) but we cannot find a doctor who will listen and do the proper blood work etc. I few months ago I was doing some looking around online for docs in Alabama who specialize or treat PCOS and have the belief that the root cause of PCOS is insulin resistances. I found one in Montgomery and thought I saved the name but did not and now I can not find the doctor. I am wondering if any of y'all go to doctors who are especially good at treating PCOS and use the lowering insulin levels approach.
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