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one thing I feel wasn't stressed enough: EXERCISE! You will feel much better and it will help control cravings for carbs as well as help you with weight loss and improve your mood. it's actually my best medicine!
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Thanks! I'm in the process of getting into a better exercise routine to supplement my diet
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Originally Posted by simplysouthern View Post
just eat in open faced, with only one slice of bread, that way you still have your "bread fix" but not with 2 full slices. Idk if any of those tips will help but maybe Just thought I'd share what I learned.
Best wishes!

Hi simplysouthern, I found the Weight Watchers whole wheat bread is high in fiber and we can have 2 slices as 1 serving which is great! Also, Dreamfield's pasta makes it possible to eat pasta again. 1 cup cooked = 1 carb serving! I'm always on the look out for ways to eat "normal."
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