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Default Does Nutrisystem Work??

Is it just me, I see the commercials and I think if itís working for Marie Osmond I should totally try Nutrisystem, but then I go to the website and the food looks really crummy, and it isnít cheap, and it takes a while to realize it isnít frozen, itís reconstituted, yuck, just add water to some stuff and it becomes a hamburger?

I found reviews, people complain it tastes lousy, anyone out there like the stuff?

A friend sent me a link to another way to go, a liquid meal replacement and cleanse for losing weight called NuLean, you eat real food too, sounds like a much healthier way to drop pounds, and theyíre saying that all the preservatives and crap in Nutrisystem is why you gain weight in the first placeÖ. http://www.nulean-nutrisystem.com ....anyone try that?
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