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Unhappy I'ts been a tuff week and Had a EMO pantic attact yesterday...

Hey guys,well its been a long while since iv been on here.. Just want to say a quick hi to the newbies, and to tell you that forum will defiantly help you all out no matter what your circumstances are.

sooo anyhow, as you can see by my title, i had a big major emo attack yesterday, and after i had calmed down i realised how much of an idiot i was for over reacting. i really hate have having P.C.O.S. iv been such a wreck lately i know iv been stressing out way to much.

I just recently quit my work for over 3 and half years, it was just getting to physically demanding i was also taking to much time off from being in pain and its was taking a tole on my mind and body. i had to get out!! and a part of me wishes i didn't but then another part say 'well done you've done the right thing' and due to me quitting my partner of 5 years and now has to support me till i either get a new job or start centerlink payments, we had a bit of a ruff patch due to this but he seems to be getting over it, i understand his frustration but it was something that i need to do for my self, because prior to this we had been talking about moving out with each other and renting. so due to me doing this i have now put our moving out together on hold for a bit.

and before i got my periods this week,last week i was loosing it, i became very snappy at everyone, at one point i called my sister the worst word ever to her face, i won't repeat it, but at that time i was very tired,in pain had a headach, i was just so over everything, and i didn't need her in my face. but because we are a close and could see i was getting the ****s she stopped but then she bought up that i might be preggs, i just laughed. she just doesn't understand what i'm going threw, they all think its a big joke and i'm using this as an excuses when i get emotional.

And it was so bad when i was holding my niece and singing her to sleep and even now typing this and thinking how beautiful she is and wished i had one im crying ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh omg!!!!!

Alot has happened since last time i was here. i know im not the only one with problems and i know that everyone on here is or has gone threw the same things as me. i just wished some ppl could understand that this syndrome just doesn't effect one part of the body but the hole system. it screws with everything..

But i have found serenity!!!lol i went and did a 2 day massage course i found that when i was focusing on massaging all my worries just went away,and felt so much better and relaxed myself. i have always been interested in massaging since i was about 14. but due to a mother who steered me in a different direction and told me that 'its not a proper job' i regret not taking me stand back then but iv always been a good girl and listened to my mother haha..so i hoping that that next year im able to complete a certificate 4 because i believe that it gives me the positivity that i need to get through.

thanks everyone that has taken the time to listen to me. i really should get on here more often. i'm still struggling with not being able to loose the weight, i'm trying my hardest and i refuse to take any sorta of drugs that will help me as i now i can do this myself iv done it before, the problem i have is having a huge sweet tooth. i could go on but iv already taken up enough of you're time. thanks again jay...
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