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Jenn - so happy for you!! Good luck with the ER this weekend. I will be thinking of you and praying for a fabulous fert report.
Me: 33 DH:34
DD born 4/05 (@ 27 wks), conceived w/Met and TI
Diagnosed with APS
MC 12/08
TTC#2 since 5/10
Male Factor Secondary Infertility (BT)
Met, prenatal, baby aspirin, lovenox
4 IUIs (gonal-f) BFN
IVF#1 BFN (Jan 2011)
IVF #2 BFN (May 2011)
IVF #3 BFP - chemical (July 2011)
IVF #4 BFP m/c 5wks (October 2011)
Surprise BFP 12/30/11, EDD 8/17/12

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Jenn, that is awesome news. Praying for a successful ER!

Take care, Mel
TTC since Oct 07
Clomid x 4 failed
Femara + Injectibles= BFN...no, wait, tested too early...BFP!!
M/C at six weeks.
IVF 03 December--M/C at 10 weeks
FET 24 March--BFP on 31 March, due on 09 December!
Nathaniel, born November 30 2009
IVF December 25, 2010
BFP January 15, 2011, identical twin boys due September 28
Samuel and Daniel, born August 31, 2011
Me (37) DH (37)
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Originally Posted by jenngood View Post
Its official......Sunday at 8:00 am is the ER!! I trigger tonight at 9:00 pm!
Yay, good luck and will keep my fingers crossed for you
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Jenn - this is so exciting! Good luck with everything!

AFM - I got my BFP via blood test. I'm slightly worried though. So on Wed, the level was 234, and today it was 374. That's an increase of only 60% over 48 hours. The levels seem kind of low, no? They've asked me to go back for a repeat blood test on Sunday. I'm trying not to get excited about this BFP, and I'm quite nervous.

Any thoughts/experiences to share?
March/08 - Clomid 200 mg - O'd - BFN
April/08 - Clomid 200 mg - No O!
May + June + July /08 - taking a break to prep for injections + IUI
August/08 - Gonal-f + IUI - BFN
September/08 - Laparoscopy - Stage 2 Endo found

November/08 - Clean up Laparoscopy
December/08 - Gonal-f + IUI - BFN
January/09 - Gonal-f + IUI - BFN
May/09 - IVF/ICSI - BFP!!!
Feb/11 - IVF - m/c at 6 weeks
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omg jenn! thinking of you : )

laura, congrats on bfp (hoping your repeat levels are just what you need)
I have heard of levels not doubling and still maintaining a healthy pregnancy (some1 on the ivf board, but I don't remember who).
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Old 04-01-2011, 11:41 PM   #5026
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Jenn - I hope all goes well for you at ER this weekend and that you get your sticky bean this time!

Laura - Congrats on the BFP! I think the initial doubling time is 48-72 hours. I'd say you are close. Hope that Sunday's beta gives you more good news.
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Old 04-02-2011, 09:55 AM   #5027
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Jenn- I'm so excited for you! Sending you lots of good thoughts and prayers.

Laura- Congrats. I think that is within the range. Some women double a little slower and then catch up.
Me 39, DH 37
Married 24 April 1999
TTC Since June 2006

1st Round IVF - Jan 09- BFN
2nd Round IVF - Jun 09 - converted to IUI - BFN
3rd Round IVF - Oct 09 - BFN
4th Round IVF - Jan 11 - BFN
5th Round IVF - July 11 - BFN
6th Round IVF - Nov 12 - BFN
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Old 04-02-2011, 12:10 PM   #5028
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Jenn-I'm so happy for you! I will be thinking of you!

Laura-I had a simliar increase in my HCG of only about 60%. Everything turned out okay.
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I;ve been swamped with work, so I'll be around more in a few days but wanted to say GOOD LUCK JENN!!!!
Me (30) DH (32)
dx 2006,started TTC 2008
5 rnds of clomid
3 years of TTC, many IUI's, injections, chemical preg.
Feb/March 11 -IVF #1 -37 at ER 26 Fert. Severe OHSS, BFN, fragmentation/vacuules in most embies
May-FET #1 - Chem preg
Sep - IVF #2- Menopur, Gonal, Lupron, 19eggs, 9fert.
BFP 10/7 -Twin Boys! Born at 20 weeks, incompetent cervix

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Laura~ congrats!!! I hope your next beta sets your mid at ease!

Thanks everyone for the well wishes. Tomorrow cant get here quick enough. I am so bloated!!!! I had 7 follicles over 18mm on Friday and 10-12 on each side that were 14 or larger. Imagine how much they have grown and how "full" I feel!!!!!
9 rounds of clomid/Gonal= BFN
January 09 IVF #1= 2/2/09 BFP, ectopic
April 09, June 09, March 10 IVF #2,3,4= BFN
October 10 IVF #5= BFP! no h/b at 8 wk u/s
March/April IVF#6= BFP! ~chemical pregnancy
June/July 2011 FET#1= BFP!!
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