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Default Would you like to be a PCOSA Ambassador in your area?

PCOSA Ambassadors are volunteers who work on spreading awareness about PCOS in your local area. Ambassadors create plans to call upon doctors, distribute literature, and gather together patients and medical professionals for programs that cover topics related to PCOS. It's a great way to learn, make friends, and use or develop your leadership skills.

If you already have a PCOS support group started in your area, you can affiliate that group by coming an Ambassador, and networking with others to keep it simple and fun (and not too much work). Or you may be starting from scratch, and need help in getting awareness of PCOS off the ground in your area. Either way, your help may be needed by others in your home town, and they may not even know it! Make a difference!

For more information on becoming an Ambassador, write to Melinda Hughes-Wert at mwert@pcosupport.org.
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Many women with PCOS struggle with fatigue and wonder if a relationship exists between fatigue and PCOS. As with many other characteristics of PCOS, the answer is "probably, but we are not sure!"

Fatigue can have many different causes in different people, and even multiple causes in the same person. PCOS and fatigue are both linked to imbalances of the endocrine system. Three common causes of fatigue in both the general population and specifically in women with PCOS are insulin resistance, stress, and hypothyroidism. Fatigue may have other causes as well, such as lack of sleep, anemia, chronic pain, and other underlying disorders.
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