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flutter-my hubby finished painting the nursery this past week and my mom helped me clear it out. I sat on the bed and directed while her and my hubby did all the work. Now I'm just waiting for our cribs to come in. She left Friday and she had everything cut and ready to sew. (She forgot the power cord to her sewing machine so she had to take everything home to work on.) She assured me she would have everything done when she came back up on Jan. 19th for my baby shower! So it should really start coming together in the next few weeks! I'm so excited! I've been looking for newborn outfits on etsy for newborn pictures but nothing has really wow'ed me yet. Hopefully I'll come across something soon...Have you found a going home outfit yet? I definitely overdid it over Christmas but I've been taking it easy this weekend and I'm feeling alot better. Oh just wait, Christmas gets even better! Last year with Ethan it was alot of fun but this year with him being 4 he was SO excited! He would look at the calendar everyday and ask how many days were left till Christmas. It was definitely extra special this year! I hope you have a Happy New Years!
Me (31) DH (32)
TTC #1 2/05
Clomid cd 1-5 and IUI 1/08= BFP 2/13/08
TTC #2 10/09
9/10-actos, femara 7.5 day 3-7, gonal-f 75iu's day 7-9, 112.5 iu's day 10-14 & IUI= bfp 10/1 @11 dpo hcg=23, 14dpo hcg=103
TTC #3 since 5/12: Met, femara 5mg day 3-7, Menopur cd 7-12 225 iu's, cd13 75 iu's,antagon, cd14 37.5iu's,antagon. bfp 10dpo! 13dpo hcg=98.9, 16dpo 317.7. Twins!

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I haven't even thought about a coming home outfit LOL We need to get to my cousin's house to check out their baby boy clothing inventory. I have to figure out what I still need, but I'm hoping it won't be much since they're lending us all of their stuff. Their son was born in November though so I'm not sure if I'll get so lucky. I'm still too nervous to get rid of Lela's baby stuff. I've sorted it all, but I'm afraid that I'll decide we aren't done or something will happen with this little guy. I feel better now that I'm in the "safer" zone as far as gestation, but I'm still nervous. I'm so glad you guys got so much done this week! You should post pics once it's all together!

Nothing new going on here. Baby boy is apparently going to play the drums when he gets out. He's banging around in there all the time. My next appointment isn't until January 21. I guess after that I'll be having bi-weekly appointments. I'm not nearly as stressed now that I know I shouldn't have NSTs the whole last month and a half. I can't wait to join the 3rd tri board next week! Less than 100 days already!!! EEK!

Happy New Year everyone!
Me 31, DH 33
5/09-8/09 Clomid Resistant 1/10 Gonal F No response
2/10 Gonal F + Menopur BFP 3/06/10!
Beta #1 69 #2 only 89 #3 172
3/25/10 Saw HB!
Baby girl arrived 11/08/2010!
Lost nearly 70 lbs.
TTC #2 6/12 Femara 2.5 mg BFN
7/12 Femara 5 mg BFP!
7/29/12 Beta #1 51 It's a BOY! Born 4/4/13

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