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Hi "December1516",

It sounds like your sister is going through a serious depressive episode, and is potentially suicidal. I would speak with your family doctor right away and let him know your concerns. If you do not share the same doctor, then call your sister's doctor, too. Depression can be a serious side effect of birth control pills, so it might be her medication (combined with an exsisting depression over her weight and PCOS). If you ever feel that she is about to "do something", then don't hesitate to call emergency services (911).

This is something that you can't delay or hesitate about. If she's expressing this much to you, there's likely a lot more that she's NOT saying! Contact your doctor TODAY.

Your sister will probably not like what you are doing, but you HAVE to do this. Just keep telling her that you love her. If you get backlash from the other family members, just tell them that they wanted you to "do something", and they wouldn't, so they should just shut up and help you both through this.

Be strong, and I hope everything works out OK! (((HUGS)))
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