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Default Hello, new to the forum

Hi my name is Jeremy. My wife and I just got her diagnoses that she has PCOS. In the Doctors office she started crying when the doctor started talking about weight gain. My wife and I are big into fitness and eat very well. Over the last year she has gained almost 10 lbs and up until yesterday she had no idea why.

I am glad we at least know now and are aware of her condition. She is a very beautiful girl and I love her so much. It breaks my heart to see her cry about this. I do fully understand why she is upset. I love her no matter what and she knows that. She also has developed some acne and that has been bothering her as well.

In January of 2010 was the last time she got her period. So we went though all the proper steps (OBGYN) and such and had blood work, CT scan of her head, and finally ultrasound done. Yesterday we were at a specialist and she told us her findings. They are going to run more lab work just to verify but she was 100% sure my wife has PCOS.

Anyways, I book marked this site for us. I am going to tell her about it asap. I will add more to this thread but I need to run right now. Thank you for a nice forum and a place to gain some knowledge on this.

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Hi Jeremy, and welcome to the boards!

Getting a diagnosis of PCOS can be devistating to many women, but knowing what is going on really IS half of the battle!

The main thing to realize is that this is really a metabolic issue that just happens to have gyno-related symptoms. Your focus on health and fitness is probably why she only gained 10 lbs, and not the 60 or 80 that many of us do.

The first step I would recommend is (once she has had a chance to have a cry and get it out of her system) to re-think your food choices and patterns. She needs to eat several times per day, get rid of anything that's processed (including whey powders, energy bars, and many pre-packaged "health foods"), and focus on getting high levels of fibre and protein in her diet. I would also suggest moderating her carbohydrates. Some people say to eliminate them altogether, but not everyone responds well to this approach, so I would say moderate, and see how that works before going to extremes. Meeting with a Naturopathic Doctor is a great idea, too, as they can help "tweak" your already-healthy lifestyle. They would also have some suggestions on how to support her body in re-balancing itself and may recommend some herbal supplements or treatments to encourage a proper monthly cycle (which, of course, would also include ovulation).

Of course, your wife needs to understand that having PCOS is not a "sentence of doom". Yes, there will be some challenges that will need to be managed, but the more you understand about what is happening, the more you can learn how to manage this disorder. You are already a step ahead with your current health-oriented lifestyle. You are another step ahead by getting a diagnosis now, rather than another 100 lbs down the road. Weight management is important - not for the sake of the weight itself, but because successful weight management involves managing the metabolic issues that are behind this beast in the first place!

Anyways, I hope this gives you a good place to start from. Most of all, learn everything you can, and LISTEN to your wife. Even if you don't understand everything she's talking about - it's important to her, so make it important to you.

Take care, and good luck!
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