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Default Heavy Periods and Questions

Im 23 and started my periods when I was 11. Up untill 4 months ago I use to just get my period 2-3 times a year. 4 months ago I got my period and it lasted longer then it should and was heavy. I let that go on two months then went to the doc and she gave me bcp after the first month and that period was horrible was very heavy and painful and this month was the same. My question is has this happened to anyone else? Does anyone else out there get really heavy periods with PCOS? I am just wondering if this normal for women with PCOS?
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Anyone have any information?
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I have never experienced what you are describing. Hope that someone cyster on here can give you some support!!!
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I don't think that is typical for PCOS. I had excessive bleeding, but it was due to uterine fibroids. In your case, I'd also want to get checked out for endometriosis. Did your doctor do any sort of exam?
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Yes I had that when I was 18. I got my first period at 14 and my cycles were always irregular. Then at 18 I bled for quite a while, something weird like 2 weeks or something and one night it was VERY heavy--I was filling pad after pad. So my mom took me to the ER and I got checked out (my first GYN exam was in the ER--fun!) and I was dehydrated from all the bleeding so they put me on an IV. Dr said it seemed like the bleeding had stopped and said I should see a GYN. The GYN had me track my bleeding for a while (daily descriptions written down) so she could see what was going on and when I went back and showed it to her, she recommended the pill for irregular bleeding. I stayed on the pill for 10 years (went off it once and was still irregular, so I went back on). Didn't get the PCOS dx until 8 months later (last year). I do not have endometriosis or anything like that. I did not get really heavy periods with the pill--to me they seemed like "normal" periods (what I thought normal would be). I have a friend who doesn't have PCOS that has pretty heavy periods and so do the women in her family. I think it has to do with having more estrogen. Hormone imbalances can do weird things. It's not healthy to let it go on too long. Make sure you induce a period at least 4 times a year.

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Same story for me! I started at 11, and had VERY light periods, but they were usually once a month. (I did skip around a bit, and still do when not on bcp.) Mine changed when I started metformin, but when I did some research, I found out why: for some reason, metformin allows the uterus to release tissue buildup in Cysters. Thus, intense bleeding. I don't know if it affects cramps or not, since mine have always been pretty severe. With bcp, and the hormone changes it causes, it's probably a similar issue. (Not entirely sure.)

As far as cramps go, I'd look into an otc painkiller called Percogesic. It's a plain old painkiller, non-narcotic, but I'd still check with your doc, just to make sure it won't cause problems with other meds. And, personally, a hot pad (hot water bottle, etc) works GREAT for my cramps. Good luck in figuring it all out! God Bless!

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Thank you to everyone for your comments and suggestions; I really appreciate it.
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