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Default Hormonal Disaster

It has been a while since I have started a new thread. I need to vent and talk to other PCOS ladies who might understand. I have been diagnosed since the age of 11. After I had my daughter, it seemed my body fell to peices afterwards. I gained so much weight afterwards, I went from mildy overweight to obese in 4 months. I didn't eat bad foods either. I have lost over 85 pounds, and I feel like I am going through puberty all over again. I keep having acne breakouts. I become aggressively enraged for seemingly no reason. I have been having cramps between periods. I don't understand why, because I am on bcp's and they work fine for me. I have new hair sproutlets popping up on my chest. My nails are dry, scaley and brittle. I can't even type without one breaking off. My blood pressure is all over the place. I go from hypo to hypertensive constantly. I am so frustrated with the poor treatment from doctors, that I have not been to one about my PCOS in about a year. I am at a healty weight with a bmi of 22. A little over a year ago, my BMI was 33. I am so sick of hearing lifestyle changes will cure PCOS. It does not. Does the hormonal rollercoaster ever stop? I am so sick of feeling out of sorts. My hormones have been a train wreak since the age of 3, and I am having the darndest time finding a good listener and a good doctor.
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I know what you mean. I was between 11 and 12 when i was diagnosed. I don't know if it ever ends but since i've found a good RE that listens to me, my hormones have been starting to balance out better. You can't give up on the quest for a good dr because that is whats going to make all the difference in the world. HUGS
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I'm so sorry..I haven't experienced all the things you have. I also have unwanted hair growth and acne. I only have a period when I'm on the pill really and it helps with the other symptoms, but over time I get bad side effects from the pill. Have you had your thyroid checked lately by an endocrinologist?
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have you had your tyhroid checked? sorry you are having a rough time right now.
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Yeah, I'm thinking thyroid too. I have mostly emotional/psych affects from the PCOS, not to mention the weight, etc, but what you're describing is 100x worse than what I experience. I have the rages, social anxiety, high bp, insane weight problems. I've heard where thyroid issues can cause problems with emotions too though.

Also, I know one woman whose PCOS became almost non-existant for several years after her pregnancy; perhaps it can work the other way too?

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I would also suspect thyroid. Oddly enough, I just went through something very similar (hormonal rages, extreme mood swings, happy one moment and upset the next etc) so I looked into a naturopath. I just had a hormone panel done and am awaiting the results. But just from the first consultation and after describing everything, the naturopath suspected a thyroid problem as well. Should have the results in the next week but I have many of the same symptoms you are having.
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Thank you for listening ladies. I have not had my thyroid checked in a while. It has been almost a year since my last thyroid check up. The endocrinologist didn't seem to think I had a problem, despite the laundry list of problems. He did a basic TSH test on me ans said everything was fine. I complained about hair loss that went on since the birth of my child until now. He looked at my hair and said I had a full head of hair, so he wasn't to concerned about it. It just seems all the doctors dumb down hormonal issues. I have had terrible night sweats also since I gave birth. I am happy I was able to conceive, but I am so frustrated by the lack of knowledge and understanding from people who are supposed to help. I thought an endocrinologist would be the answer, but he basically threw me under the bus. He told me I didn't need to come back for a year. What about all my unresolved issues? I left the office in tears and never looked back.
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Same story here I am losing my hair on my hair, and the body hair gets worst and worst, my menstral cycle is a mess, but my doctor always tells me my hormones are ok and to just keep taking birth control , my doctor has not checked my thyroid since last year when I asked him to recheck he felt my neck and told me everything is ok, these doctors continue to ignore pcos and hormonal issues seems like all of our doctors are taught to treat the disorder the same way, and to just ignore it
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It is very frustrating when you know something isn't right and somone is telling you otherwise. It seems many hormonal issues go ignored in women. I read some chilling blogs of what undiagnosed thyroid problems do to women. I can't get over how doctors have become like fast food chains. You get quick, generlized shoddy service....and if your lucky, a smile.

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