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Default Levi Henry Reynolds

Hi Girls!!
I wanted to update you all. January 18 at 5:52 pm Phoenix time, Levi Henry Reynolds made a dramatic entrance into the world. He weighs 6lbs 11 oz and is 20 inches long. He is the smallest little thing I've ever held and he is perfect. (If you don't believe me see the photo!)

Here is the long tale...So we went in on Saturday for a non-stress test which resulted in us staying at the hospital over night to do a 24 hour urine test. Those tests showed that everything was good except my sudden increased blood pressure. I suggested the stress of everything but was poo-poo'd by the oncall doc. So we were released to go home Sunday afternoon and to stay on strick bed rest and to return on Tuesday. We were both VERY happy to go home, so were our furbabies. We got home and settled down for a nap because the hospital beds weren't the best. (Hands down best nap we've had in a long time.) We received a call from the nurse about 2 hrs after getting home requesting that we return to the hospital because the lab made a mistake and instead of having really good numbers but test results showed that I had more than double the acceptable protein and kreatins in my urine. So we bathed and repacked everything and headed back to the hospital. It was a little easier to go back because at least we knew that we were there for the duration. Regardless of what happened we were ready and we were getting a baby...some time. So they started the induction on Sunday night and Monday morning I was 3 cm dialated. My doc broke my water. We got settled into laboring and working our way towards the epidural. My blood pressure continued to rise and the nurses wanted me to get the epidural since it some times lowers the BP. I finally caved in around 130 pm. I may have been able to go further without it but hindsight best that I didn't. So he wasn't moving down the birth canal very well so that had me rotating on my side to try and funnel him down. About an hour or so into this my BP was dropping nicely but then it was way too low. And then his heartrate was really low. My doc was at a nearby hospital doing a c-section so was sending his collegue to check it out. He suggested a c-section but wanted her input. Well the longer we waited for her to get across town in the 5pm rush traffic they had pretty much prepped me and family for a c-section. When the other doc got there she said do you have any questions and DH and I said no so we were rushed into the OR at 530 and Levi came out at 552. When my doc came around later that night he said in 25 yrs of practice that is the 10th time he has had 2 emergency c-sections at the same time in 2 different hospitals.
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congrats on your little boy!! sounds like he wanted an entrance that you'll never forget!!! he gets to share his birthday with my brother who just turned 19~

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Sara - Congrats! I love the name Levi! And your right, he looks perfect
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Congratulations you little boy is precious!! Enjoy!!
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Congrats! He's adorable and well worth the trouble you went through with the blood pressure!

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Congrats girl he is just perfect!! Great job!
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Congrats!!!! He is so darn cute! I had to hold back tears when I saw that picture. Enjoy every second. Congrats again Mommy!!!! Congrats to Daddy as well
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congratulations!! he's a little sweetie!
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Lurking on the preggo boards CONGRATS on your baby boy Levi...love the name

Where in Phx do you live? We are in Gilbert.
Me 31, Dh 34

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congrats!!!! He is perfect!!!
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