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pjs -- I just came back from vacation and read all the news about mollie It brought me to tears... I'm SO SORRY you guys are going through this and can't imagine how scary it must be! I hope everything goes well and they can figure out what's going on and fix it without too many issues. I'll keep you guys in my prayers! **hugs**

tink -- thanks for all the updates... please let me know if you decide to do the gift card or whatever, I'm in too.
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I know I'm not officially over here yet, but I lurk.

Pam, I am so sorry that your Mollie is so sick right now. Your family is in our thoughts and prayers. Mollie is so lucky to have such a vigilant and proactive mother.

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Mollie has had a few more episodes of the high hr. They are averaging every 6 hrs. They meet w/ the cardiologist today, so hopefully they will have more answers. Pam is a little freaked because the last one Mollie had was while Mollie was asleep, all the others have been while she was awake.
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i don't get on these boards much anymore, so i completely missed this. i am really sorry to read about what's going on with little mollie. i will remember you and family in prayer intentions. hang in there.

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I've been gone off these boards for awhile so I'm not really familiar with Pam's story but reading what her and her family are going through is heart breaking! My thoughts and prayers go out to them.
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I am in too.
Pam I will pray for Mollie and for you guys all. I hope the dr. will find what is wrong with Mollie and fix it.
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Haven't been on the internet much this weekend, so this is the 1st I could update.

The last I heard from Pam this morning, Mollie had gone 24 hrs w/o a high HR episode. The cardiologist increased her meds to the highest possible dose, so they are hoping it's helping. They are checking Mollie's thyroid level to see if it's part of the cause. And they are ordering Pam and her dh to take CPR training before leaving. They were both certified prior to Aundra's birth, but the odds are good they may actually need to use it on Mollie one day, they are making them take it again. They are hoping Mollie's episodes will be under control by Tuesday. That is when her course of antibiotics is over and if her heart is under control, they can go home. They may or may not be going home on a heart monitor.

The dr said Mollie may or may not outgrow this. However, if she does outgrow it in the next few years, it WILL return in the teenage years. I guess she's been diagnosed with an accessory pathway that leads to "SVT" (the high heartrate) which is a form of tachycardia.

As for a gift card/care pkg: Pam said anything would be appreciated (but not necessary). She said a grocery gift card would be nice (Wal-Mart) or if we decide on a care package, they'd prefer it to be geared more towards Mollie and Aundra if possible. So what is everyone's thoughts on that?
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A walmart gift card would allow them to get whatever they want or need for the family, or something a little more special for the girls. I am game for whatever everyone thinks.

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A giftcard would be great...maybe we can also get a couple little things for the girls (stuffed animals, toys, etc.) that we can send with the giftcard?
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I vote walmart gift card.

Pam I have tachycardia, I cant remember if it is SVT or not, it came on in my teenage years. I was treated medically for a few years and stopped to get prg and have not needed to go back on anything. I pray that Mollie out grows it and when it comes back it comes back very mildly. It has never affected me in anyway, other than if I would get an attack I would stop and take deep breaths. If I breath just so I can usually stop the attack. It was much more frequent in my teen years than my later 20s. It is now almost non-existent. I will keep praying for Mollie and your family.
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