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Question PCOS Doctors in the St. Louis Area?

I'll start off by apologizing for this being so long but I need to vent. I was "diagnosed" with pcos a few years ago. After telling the doc my symptoms he said, "you probably have pcos and if you lose some weight, it will get better." That's it, nothing else. I figured it was because I was a cash patient and started looking up information online. That's how I found out my excessive hair growth, etc was a symptom of pcos.

A little over two years ago I started seeing a different Obgyn (he was my sister's and great with the delivery of her son). While I like his bedside manor, it was basically the same thing as before. I was checked for cysts (which I have, but they're "normal") So back to the internet I go.

Last year, I finally got in for a sleep study (I was so sure I had sleep apnea because of what people I lived with told me). According to the study, no sleep apnea but I have an anxiety disorder (I figured). Well, my primary doc never did a follow up or anything to discuss how to manage it. A couple of months ago, I'm having pain on my right side and the primary doc orders a pelvic/ abdomen CT. The results= A fatty liver. Yet again, nobody tells me what that means. They also did blood work and discovered my blood sugar was slightly elevated and had me do two glucose tests. Afterwards I saw something that said they should have done an insulin resistance test?!
So last week, I go into the primary because I'm positive I have a UTI. Urine tests for that and pregnancy come back negative, as does a blood test for pregnancy. They find no other issues with the urine sample. So, because nothing is found in the blood or urine, I must be making this pain up (or so that's how I'm feeling).

Earlier this week I went in to the Obgyn and saw the NP to try to discuss these issues and others. An internal ultrasound was done (cysts, all small) and we discussed medical insurance generally not covering infertility and such like that. Nothing specific like mine not covering it, just a generalized statement. We discussed my cycle. I stopped taking BC in November and had normal cycles in Dec and Jan. I was suppose to start my cycle Jan 30th and didn't. I've spotted a bit (pink, and only when I "push", rarely requiring that I even wear anything. I was put on the pill a couple of years ago because I would cycle for 3 weeks and be off 1. When I told her that, all she kept saying was if I miss a cycle, count back 14 days to see if I had sex that day. Its like they aren't even hearing me!

I'm suppose to "go on a low carb/ low fat diet, walk at least 1/2 hour a day, 6 days a week, etc" according to my primary. I am anxious and depressed about life (not just the pcos aspect) and feel like I am beating my head against the wall. I need answers and advice which none of my docs are giving me.

I need a new doctor, someone who has experience with pcos and that can actually help me. Can anyone in or near the St. Louis area make a recommendation?

Again, sorry this is so long but wow....
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